Ostomy Style – Outfits of the Week January 1-15th

Hey Crohnies!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and your new week is full of opportunities to make you happy. I’ve decided I want to do an outfit review every week to show you everything I find comfy and stylish but also works with my ostomy and is really comfortable. I know I’m a week behind but I’m determined to make this a really regular thing so I can hopefully give you all some outfit inspiration! Everything I post I’ll do my best to find online or if it’s not available I’ll be linking a lookalike outfit in case you want to have your own version of the outfits!

  • Outfit 1 – All Black Everything feat. A Tartan Scarf

I adore these Primark jeans, they are plain black high waisted jeans with a triple button fastening. They are currently available in store for £13 but there is also a New Look dupe for them and you can get them HERE! The buttons on the jeans definitely cinch your waist in but start high enough so they don’t put any pressure onto an ostomy bag and the denim is quite stretchy too so they really don’t cause leaks no matter how tight they look! I also got my batwing embroidered back cardigan from Primark, I do love this cardi but I hate the baggy cropped sleeves as they just don’t look right as I’m so tall that I have long arms! I would definitely have chose this Boohoo boyfriend cardigan as it’s super chunky and warm too but it has long sleeves! You can pick that up HERE ! Of course my scarf is also from Primark, at £4 who can say no to that? But there’s one a little bit cheaper on eBay if you don’t fancy a trip to the shops, you can check that one out HERE! The plunge lace cami is one I got 2 summers ago from ASOS and I have always loved it but since I got my huge scar from my proctectomy, I’m really strange with anything touching it so the silky softness is perfect when it’s tucked in because even if it does touch my scar it doesn’t irritate it! You can’t buy the same one I got since it so long ago but they have a very similar one on Asos that has a little more lace but is equally beautiful and soft HERE!

  • Outfit 2 – The “oh this old thing?” Day To Night Velvet Skater Dress

I absolutely adore this dress! It is amazing because the material is a very soft stretchy velvet that flows freely over my tummy, scar and ostomy bag! It is something I wore on Christmas Day and was complimented on so much for it being such a beautiful floral pattern but I also threw it on when I had gastroenteritis and was desperate to go out for a date night with Stuart, I literally threw it on, put some dry shampoo in and a little makeup and headed out where I took this picture! I team it with 100 denier tights since it’s so cold right now, you can pick those up in any supermarket or clothing store and some ankle boots. The best part of all of this? The dress is currently on sale for £11 on asos! You can see it HERE!

  • Outfit 3 – The Casual Uni Outfit Feat. A Discount Designer Tee

This is the best casual uni outfit that I would definitely wear on a night out for drinks and want to be a bit edgy but also fun! My outfit consisted of the Black Primark jeans I mentioned above with a burgundy H&M zip hoodie that I live in during term time, so much so I have it in 4 colours! You can pick up your own (LINK!!!), they are super soft and really long lasting and can go 50ish washes without needing replaced! I tend to wear mine for 1 week at a time maybe 1 to 2 days a week in whatever colour I choose that day and then wash it and honestly I’ve had this 4 years, even from before I got my ileostomy and it’s been through countless admissions to hospital, ostomy leaks, blood stains and even throw up marks and every time it gets washed, it still comes out like brand new! I can not recommend H&M zip hoodies enough!

My Tee is really the best thing I’ve bought in the winter sales and it was from Cath Kidston Mickey Mouse collection that came out in the Autumn. I had been lusting over it for so long that I was considering buying it at full price which was £40 but I held off until after Christmas as I knew I was being given money from my parents that I would happily put that money towards buying it but I got an email just after Christmas to say that the Mickey Mouse collection was included in the sale and was better than half price at £19!! I definitely plan on keeping this t shirt for a very long time so I’ll be avoiding wearing it when I know I could be sick or if my ostomy bag is going through a stage of leaking so I don’t ruin it but I can definitely see this in my wardrobe for the next 5 years being worn regularly. If you want one too you can find it HERE!

I teamed this outfit with my black Adidas Gazelles but if I wanted to go out for drinks and wear it I would keep the jeans and tee but swap the hoodie for a leather jacket and some heeled booties!

  • Outfit 4 – The “I’m going to be living in this after surgery when I’m not in my pjs” outfit!

This outfit is one I tend to buy every couple of years because I cannot live without these leggings and a stripey top so I tend to wear them until they literally fall apart. RIP my old leggings which got a crotch hole due to me wearing them so much my thighs literally ruined them! …In all fairness I did buy them the day Ivy Park was launched because I was so excited about a new activewear line, especially since Beyoncé is a co founder of it so they have lasted a solid 2 years.

The style I go for is the Y high rise ankle length leggings that are a really stretchy and supportive matte spandex with the Ivy Park logo on the right leg. They are expensive at £40 but honestly they are the only leggings I’ve found that don’t roll down or slip down as a tall girl of 5’9″ so I have spent easily over £100 in the last 5 years trying to find the perfect leggings and it has all been a waste as the leggings normally fall down so quickly and leave me with my ostomy bag flapping in the wind! I get my Ivy Park leggings on Asos now because I have their free next day delivery and student discount and you can get them HERE!

My striped tee is a basic one I found on Asos also but it is a BooHoo brand and for £12 I really liked the style of it as it had slightly longer sleeves than the average striped t shirt I had bought in the past. I like to be cosy and really warm after a surgery because I don’t regulate my body temperature great after an anaesthetic so basically anything that helps in the tiniest way keep me warmer and stops the sleeves rolling up when lying down for long periods helps a huge amount! You can find the top HERE!!, it looks black on the website but it’s definitely a royal blue so you don’t think you’re getting the wrong thing!

I hope you have enjoyed my little outfit rundown and I’ve gave you some inspiration or information on some brands you might not have used before, if you’ve got any brands you want me to try out then please let me know because I love any excuse to shop!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Jen x

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