My Top 4 Foundations for Super Pale Skin

Hey Crohnies!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week and wrapping yourself up for this cold weather, it’s peak cold and flu season so do everything you can to avoid it.

I’m posting today because I’ve had so much trouble getting makeup pale enough to match my skin tone as it’s extremely transparent and dependant on the weather either red or blue toned. This makes getting foundations I can actually use an absolute nightmare as depending on the time of year I find foundations to be almost always too pink or yellow toned for my skin. Here’s a picture of what I look like without makeup and indoors and in winter. I’m much more red toned but still extremely pale.

When outside my skin definitely gets a purple/blue tinge in winter so I have to be really careful not to wear a pink toned foundation so I can avoid looking redder.

Now you’ve saw what I look like without makeup, here’s the list of my top 4 foundations. Each has completely different levels of coverage and pricing so there’s something to fit literally every budget.

This is one of the most purse friendly options I’ve ever loved and the shade is PERFECT for my skin. They are one of the few cheaper brands who cater for ALL skin tones as you can see by the swatches above. Their coverage is quite light and I’d definitely say that even though it is called a full coverage foundation it is much closer to a light to medium coverage and is my go to holiday foundation as it doesn’t make me feel cakey at all and leaves a very even coverage that is just enough to make me feel like I’m wearing make up but nowhere near enough to feel like I’m going to sweat it off! My only flaw with this one is that it does oxidise quite badly, especially in warm weather after a few hours so I always blot my skin after applying it and before I use finishing powder but that easily solves the problem and it doesn’t oxidise at all if you remember to do that.

  • The Best Day to Night Foundation – NYX Cosmetics Control Drop Foundation in shade 01 (£14 – Boots)

I have a complete love for this foundation, it is the most layerable and blendable foundation in this list which is so perfect for any days I’m planning on being out for the whole day/night or when I’m travelling because I find this is the easiest foundation to top up so I don’t need to completely take my makeup off if I’m in a rush but want to look fresh and ready to go! It is a medium coverage but I find it needs to be added to on my T-Zone every 3/4 hours as it tends to come off easily during the course of the day unless you use setting powder and setting spray. I also tend to stick to this foundation when I’m feeling particularly unwell because I can get fevers or throw up (attractive I know) but I hate having to take off all my makeup off if I’ve made the effort to put it on in the first place while feeling bad! This basically means even if I’m fresh from being sick I can quickly grab the Beauty Blender and fix myself up before I have any visitors! (…and yes I am one of those people who loves to try and wear makeup in hospital but it makes me feel more like myself so I enjoy having something to do like that!)

  • The Best Deluxe Dupe Foundation – Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in shade 010 light porcelain (£8.29)

This Foundation is amazing! It’s a bargain price while being my favourite drug store full coverage Foundation. It’s a great dupe for Estée Lauder Double Wear and is literally a quarter of the price. It lasts extremely well over the course of a day but if I’m going through a period of having extremely dry skin like in winter or after a hospital stay, I definitely avoid this Foundation as it will cling and look patchy on dry skin although I swear by it for longer days and going on nights out or somewhere fancier if I don’t have Estée Lauder Foundation on hand which is probably 80% of the time because I just can’t justify £30 for a deluxe foundation unless it’s a gift or it’s my birthday/Christmas!

  • The All Time Favourite Foundation! – Estée Lauder Double Wear in shade 1C0 shell (£32.50)

This Foundation is a cult beauty favourite for a reason. It is full coverage, beautifully blendae and now they have shade 1C0, a perfect match for my skin. I love absolutely everything about this one apart from the price as it’s over £30 for a bottle… yikes! I do have to admit that at least twice a year I will definitely buy it and I always hate myself for loving it so much I wear it daily and then I’ve ran out before I even have an occasion that deserves me wearing it! If this was even £10 cheaper I would definitely use it every day for the rest of my life but the luxury price tag is a bit too much for me at the moment! I’m hopeful that as I graduate I’ll have a salary that can justify it being bought more often so I can live my makeup dreams every day! This Foundation doesn’t even need setting spray or powder if you don’t want to use it and it will still last a solid 8 hours without going patchy or clinging to the wrong places! It does dry quickly so you have to be quick with your beauty blender to make it an even application so I tend to use a stippling brush to apply it then go over with the beauty blender to even it out. It also doesn’t come with a pump so it’s so easy to waste product but my biggest tip for getting the most out of the bottle without wasting any is to buy a Mac Foundation Pump (£4.50) which fits the bottle perfectly and stops any wastage happening. I tend to keep my old bottle of Double Wear with the pump in it when it’s finished so that it doesn’t dry out and clog the pump then when I get a new bottle I Just swap the pump into that and I’ve had the same pump for a good year and it’s still like brand new even now I’m on my third bottle of it within a year!

I hope this post helps you to figure out what Foundation is right for you! If you’ve got any others I should try out you can leave me a comment below and I’ll happily do a review on my thoughts on it!

See you soon!

Jen x

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