I Went To A Royal Garden Party Wearing A £13 Dress!

Hey Crohnies!

Happy August! (I can’t believe I’m typing that because it feels like it was only yesterday I got my Proctectomy and now it’s 7 months later.)

Due to my nomination for Arts And Culture Champion at the West Dunbartonshire Provost Awards last year where I won my category and Citizen of the Year I received an invite to the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood on the 4th of July this year alongside my boyfriend, Stuart.

The invite arrived about 6 weeks before the garden party and about 2 months before that I had received a letter from my council asking me if I would like to be recommended for an invitation to the garden party alongside who I would choose as my guest to go with me (yup you get to bring a plus one!). Inside you’re told all about where to go and parking info alongside a formal invitation you can frame or keep and your actual admittance ticket!

This is what the formal invitation you cam keep looks like, its beautiful!

Alongside all the other information you’re given there’s also guidelines on what to wear which is a morning suit/ dress of your country/ military uniform with no medals for men and for women you’re told to wear a dress or trouser suit with a hat/fascinatior. The short and short of that basically is to dress for a wedding and it’s a very formal occasion!
It can be really daunting to think about how expensive it can really cost to get kitted out for one of these events so I made it my mission to dress as nicely as I could and wear exactly what I want but do it as cheaply as possible and get my entire outfit for less than £100 including everything from accessories to shoes minus the jewellery I would normally wear to an event!

I started my outfit by hunting for a dress and I looked all over the high street from Toshop to Urban Outfitters to H&M and couldn’t find anything I liked and didn’t want to try the bigger department stores because I knew they would be more expensive and I’d fall in love with a dress that would absolutely blow my budget so after trawling the internet I kind of gave up my search for a few days and just went on with life until I went into Primark for a wander and I found the perfect dress to wear that was only £13!!! Bargain of the century in my book! It was a blush nude tea dress with cross back detail and a v neckline like in the picture below.

Since my dress was so cheap I decided to splurge a little on shoes and bag which I managed to get in the Summer sales! My shoes were Kurt Geiger blush wedges and my most expensive purchase at £39 but they were SO comfortable which was amazing due to there being so much walking involved in the day.

Next my bag was from The Collection at Debenhams in the sale for £19 which perfectly matched the shoes and dress.

Finally I also had to get myself a fascinator as I didn’t feel like I was comfortable wearing a hat so I went into Claire’s Accessories to see one of my besties who works there (hey Kathleen!) and she helped me to pick out a nude feather fascinator which was £12 but as I’m a student I got it for £10.80 with my student card but I checked the website and it’s now down to £6 in their sale alongside all of their fascinators which have been discounted.

So in total I spent £81.80 of my £100 budget for my total outfit and I’m so happy I took up this challenge because I was incredibly happy with my look on the day! It was so amazing to be able to buy a outfit I loved so much that didn’t need any alterations to make it suitable for my ostomy apart from some Vanilla Blush ostomy support underwear you can find HERE!

If I’m going to include my coat in the price which I was tempted not to include because I bought it in December but that only cost me £10 in the sale too! So if everything is included I spent £91.80 which meant there was enough money left over to treat myself to some snacks on our way home.

The day was absolutely amazing and if you want to hear more about it you should check out my resident blogging at SecuriCare! You can find my posts HERE!! and the post about the Garden Party will be up towards the end of the month in which I give you ALL of the tips I’ve found for attending the day which would be handy for anyone who’s going, not just if you’ve got a chronic illness!

Sorry for my lack of posts recently, I’m finally feeling much more like myself, my depression is much more under control so I’m getting back into a routine of work again! I can’t wait to be blogging much more this year, there’s definitely a lot more to come from me, I’m heading to Orlando in 3 weeks and have just came home from Fuerteventura too so I’m very excited to share my journeys travelling with you too.

See you VERY soon!

Jen x

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