Post Surgery Complications… (warning: graphic photo) 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

I’m now more than 3 weeks after my proctectomy surgery and I’ve had a lot of people asking how I’m getting on because I’ve not been up and about and I’m still struggling a lot with pain and a few complications so I thought I’d try my best to explain it here but what good is explaining it all without showing a picture too? Basically anyone squeamish might be affected by this picture so if you’re eating dinner, scared of blood and couldn’t watch a hospital tv show because of the fake blood maybe this isn’t for you!

I’m going to start by saying that most people don’t have these complications, some do, but mainly poor healing is a sign of Crohn’s but also it’s just a Jen thing too because I apparently love the NHS so damn much! 

As many of you know if you follow my posts I had a fantastic start to my recovery and only had to be in hospital for 6 days after the surgery when it was predicted I’d be in 2 weeks. It reall couldn’t have gone better and my surgeon is absolutely amazing but 1 week after I got home, basically 10 days ago, from the Friday night into the Saturday morning I was in a lot of pain at my surgery site. This pain literally felt like I was being unzipped and it was so painful I had to take 10mls of morphine before bed and twice during the night. It was rough. I had told my mum and Stuart I didn’t feel right and I felt like my wound was getting infected because of the pain. 

On the Saturday morning when my nurse arrived she got me to peel off my dressing and we were all shocked to see that 4 inches of my tummy had opened right up, down at least an inch and was over and inch wide. I could see internal stitches and everything, it was terrifying because I had no idea what was going on! To get an idea of what it was like, here is the picture I took yesterday morning of what my wound looked like before even more separation happened so it has split right down to the bottom now. 

At first it looked far worse and it was pouring out blood to the point I needed dressing changes every morning and night. It was so distressing and now it will lead to months of district nurses who will come and help me get through this and heal up my wound… I definitely wasn’t prepared for this!

It also means I’m likely to need more surgery from the plastics team to make the scar smaller and less likely to split once I have babies! It’s actually really scary to think that this has such wide reaching complications that could follow me down the line especially since the healing of this wound is likely to take months if not the majority of the year. 

As much as this is a scary thing to go through I’m staying positive because really it could be worse and at least I don’t have sepsis this time! It’s a long road but hopefully it’ll make me a better person and it’ll be for the best and finally get me healthier than I’ve been for the past 10 years! 

Thank you all for following my journey,

Jen x

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  1. I have had very similar things occur in my surgery. I don’t read this all that often so I don’t know that much, but this one caught my eye. I got my ostomy and a bowel resection a few years ago. The bowel resection did not go as planned, I was taken for an emergency surgery because the stitches were falling apart inside me. Woke up, everything was going fine, then a few days later my wound was opening to the point that it was like 3 inches wide. So here I am (mind you i was 12 years old at the time) struggling to get used to the ostomy and now my wound is opening. I ended up getting a wound vac to close it. Still have a nasty scar. But it always felt like i was the one exception to endure every complication. I read this and it was uplifting to see that i’m not alone. My family and my doctors always tell me it’s a rollercoaster with many ups and downs, but someday we will get you off of this ride, so don’t lose hope.

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