A Little Bit of Everything to Start 2017! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners and a very happy new year to you all!

I hope you all had a great festive period and have enjoyed all of the great parts of the season without any of my spoonie friends suffering through it. It’s hard to find the balance between enjoyment and being sensible and I know I’ve had quite a few sore tummy’s thanks to over indulging this festive period and I’m still struggling with the side effects even now!

I thought I’d do a little update on what’s been going on since egg collection surgery that happened at the beginning of December, it turns out there were 12 eggs that had matured enough and then 4 developed into embryos to be frozen for the future after I get my proctectomy and when myself and stuart are ready to start a family. Speaking of my proctectomy it’s actually moved back for a few weeks and now my surgery is confirmed as the 27th of January…

I It feels like a reprieve for a while so I got to enjoy Christmas but I’ve weirdly been having really realistic dreams about the whole thing; be it from getting ready for surgery or the days following it. I know I’m getting something fairly serious done since it’ll include removing my last bit of large intestine, rectum and belly button but after a LOT of reassurance from my surgeon I’m pretty sure I’ll get through this just like all the others. It just doesn’t help with my fears, especially about sepsis after having a severe case of it in 2015 that I’m still “recovering” from 2 years later.

It may seem sometimes if you follow me on Instagram or facebook or twitter that I am pretty obsessed with this surgery but in all honesty my life at the moment is revolving around it and it isn’t far from my mind. It must be hard to understand if you haven’t been through something like this but if you have the “cloud” of surgery or any other kind of treatment that makes you nervous hanging over you, it’s never far from your thoughts. Another thing that might seem strange is that this surgery might not change much for me in terms of pain. Lots of my pain is caused due to the previous surgeries and I have a lot of scar tissue that’s all over the place which isn’t ideal and this surgery will only cause more. I’m just hoping that it won’t take long for me to get back to my version of normal and hopefully have less worry about blood pouring out my bum 8/9 times a day! You never know though, this could be the final thing that really helps for a long time. I’m trying hard to not get my hopes up because I know nothing’s worked long term until now but in my head it’s always hard to ignore the what if’s when it comes to trying something new but there is going to be a period after surgery when things get a lot worse for a while, let’s just hope this one has a decent recovery so I can finally be more independent because I’m going to be like a baby for a while after needing help eating with all my lines coming out of me, needing help with washing and getting dressed alongside wound care and doing a lot of sleeping, I’m going to attempt to vlog and blog through it but I might not be able to if I’m really bad.

On a positive note however, I thought since it’s the start of the new year I’d do a rundown of my 10 favourite outfits from 2016 with my ileostomy…

10. The first in my list is from summer and it’s my go to outfit pretty much any night out that doesn’t require a dress! I teamed black high waisted ripped jeans (I’d recommend Topshop’s Jamie Jeans) with a cami top, I have loads of them in every style because they go with literally anything! Then I added a checked shirt because it was so warm outside I didn’t need a jacket but I didn’t want to risk being cold when we left the club. As you can see it was a good idea to wear the shirt because from our picture we all looked so coordinated! 9. Next up is an oldie (so old in fact I have my weave in from the very beginning of 2016!) this is a perfect outfit for those days when your bag just won’t stop leaking but you still want to look nice. I liked to wear some super casual Chelsea boots (£8 from Primark) with extra thick leggings from H&M, an oversized shirt, this is from boohoo and is about 4 years old but it always comes out when there’s a bad bag day. I then put on a little bow tie at the top but if you’d prefer a little ribbon would work just as well and of course I needed a jacket so my leather look jacket with fur collar was perfect for that. If you want one January is the best time to buy with the sales, I got mine for about £37 on Asos in their sale.8. next up I have a super causal outfit for meetings or work! I used to wear outfits like this every day when I was working full time but I decided to wear this for a meeting I had earlier this year. Basically I wore some over the knee boots that are flat with super thick tights and a very simple black dress with elastic waistband cinched in with a belt which matched my bag and as always a comfy cardigan! Pretty sure my cardigan and dress are from H&M, my bag is from Snow and my tights are from Primark.7. Next I have a throwback from Florida in June, this has to be the outfit I loved most on holiday even though I did end up leaking everywhere because my skin was bad under my bag and I didn’t have my routine down yet! The high waisted shorts from Primark were super cheap around £10 and they were not only supportive but so comfy. My bodysuit was from Missguided and it was really helpful for the weather because it had an open back so it kept me nice and cool and it was so handy to have my shirt with me because sometimes the sun could be a bit much on my shoulders. And of course I have the Minnie Mouse ears, the best accessory ever, I just wish it was acceptable to wear them back home! 6. This is one of my favourite winter outfits and it features a dog like my little Bella! I’ve found myself getting really cold this winter even though the temperature isn’t too low but it sometimes is because my feet are cold it makes me extra cold so I have my winter over the knee boots from Deichman’s on with fluffy bed socks underneath. I also of course had some extra thick Primark tights to keep me extra warm. The skirt’s from Primark too quite a few years ago but I noticed that Oasis has one in stock just now! My cute jumper is from Boohoo, I prefer the look when I  the sleeves up with it to make it a bit more relaxed looking. The coat is an old duffel coat I’ve had for years from new look but it’s something I pull out year after year and of course my tartan scarf is my favourite one from Primark I wear every winter! 5. This next outfit was super cute for a day out in Edinburgh with stuart just before Christmas! Once again I had on my over the knee boots and tartan scarf but I changed the look up by wearing a black velvet dress with Peter Pan collar from Pulp and a burgundy trench coat from Primark that was only £10 in the sales! This was a perfect outfit with having an ileostomy because the velvet dress was an A-Line style that just flows over the bag perfectly even if it’s half full and hides it completely! I knew an outfit that was comfortable was crucial for the drive through but because it was a nice day out I wanted to dress a bit fancier, especially since we don’t get the chance to go out to do things like this very often! 4. Next up is a great comfy outfit for days I’m feeling bloated or I have a blockage but don’t want to wear leggings or jogging trousers! I have my ripped Jamie Jeans from Topshop that are extra stretchy and are literally the only pair of jeans I feel comfortable in when I’m bloated with an oversized fine knit jumper from Primark, it’s baggy enough to hide my bloating and super warm for autumn/winter so it feels a lot better for those days I need to go out when I’m not feeling good! 3. Next up I have my favourite post surgery outfit ever! I had a groin abscess removed in summer and I wasn’t able to wear any clothes that would rub against the wound for a week because it hurt too much and we were in the middle of a really hot week but because I was in pain after the surgery I found it difficult to regulate my temperature in the house so I  put on some knee high socks with grey stripes at the top from eBay, some jersey shorts from H&M which I wore to death that week (I had 2 pairs so I could wash one pair a day because the wound leaked for a while) and a Primark Mickey Mouse raglan tee. Just because you’ve had surgery, it doesn’t mean you can’t look cute! 2. This is a perfect causal outfit for uni or a day shopping if it’s teamed with my leather look jacket. What I’m wearing are the Primark tights and shorts previously mentioned with a Calvin Klein Bralet and Vans off shoulder oversized t shirt tucked in I found in the Vans outlet in Florida for less than $3! I love this outfit because even though it’s causal it’s not just leggings and a vest top and all together minus the Bralet the whole outfit was less than £20. I’m probably going to be wearing the Bralet and top after surgery a lot and substituting the shorts and tights for some leggings. 1. Finally the last outfit of my 2016 top 10 was one I didn’t get a picture of until today and it’s my blackwatch tartan dress with Peter Pan collar alongside my tights and over the knee boots. This is such a flattering outfit for any kind of fancier occasion and I am a big fan of wearing stuff like this to meeting I have because it’s really fitted at the top and is only slightly flared at the bottom so it’s about as close to a body on dress as I can get now without showing off my bag! I absolutely love this dress and it’s one of my favourite outfits I have in my closet because it’s able to be dressed up or down for any occasion! I hope these outfits gave you some inspiration, I’d love to see any you could recommend to me, I really enjoy mixing up my style a bit every now and again!

It’s only fitting since I’ve spoken about my new additions to my body surgically that I talk about my new pretty addition. I got myself a new tattoo on my ribs this Christmas Eve, I feel quite self conscious about this being an open surgery so I decided to get something nice to even out my feelings about my body. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s my way of coping with my body changing so much not by choice over the last few years! I got a stag tattood because I absolutely love them and I’m considering getting some thistles around it and blackwatch tartan as that’s “Duncan’s tartan” and I like having a bit of remembrance of him on me but I also really like the Scottish theme because obviously I am Scottish! It’s fully healed now which is a good sign because it’s only 2 weeks since it was done and it’s been totally healed for a week! I hope this is a good sign for surgery and fingers crossed this means I heal alright after the actual surgery haha! If you’ve made it this far I’m impressed you’ve put up with me for so long! Thank you all for reading and happy 2017!

Jen x

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