What Have I Bought Recently? Winter Primark Haul and Half Price Trainers! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

I’ve got so many different purchases I’ve made recently and this week I’ll be making a blog and vlog about what actually happens during the IVF process since I’m finally starting hormones tomorrow… a lot depends on certain times of the month (not going into detail so I don’t ramble that’s for another blog!). I’m feeling fairly stable right now with my health, I have my usual losing blood from my intestinal stump all the time, tummy pain, back pain and exhaustion/weakness pretty much ruling my life… it could always be worse! I’ve had some pretty constant fevers the last few weeks because of my groin abscess flaring up but if it’s bothering me loads I’ll get it sorted just before Christmas (I’m hoping I can ask my surgeon to get it removed in January during the surgery but I might be asking too much!).

But anyway, back to the blog, what have I been buying recently?

Firstly I needed a new shirt, I modelled this outfit on an old Kourtney Kardashian look so I went with that since I love a shirt and I love to be a bit fancier when I go out. This shirt was only £10 from Primark and came with the little black tie attached.

I also got a burgundy bodysuit from Primark. It was only £6 and I find it really makes me feel supported with my bag and I don’t need to worry about it leaking since it’s not overly tight either! It’s like an ostomy waistband but in bodysuit form. I also got this cold shoulder embroidered cami top at Primark too (can you see a pattern forming? #PrimarkLoyal!) this top is only £12 and it’s actually a great length, I have a really long body so it is long enough on my to be full length so I don’t flash my tummy constantly like I’d do in some of the other ones that aren’t as long. It looks amazing with ripped jeans and heels for a night out… I might be wearing this next Friday when I go to see the comedian Sean Locke with Stuart and his family. I think that’ll be my first sleepover with having to take my hormone injections to but we’ll cope with that like we did with my ostomy stuff! Every days a school day with Crohn’s, fertility preservation and an ileostomy! I also got this super cute little grey jumper with Dachshunds in Christmas jumpers all over it! it was only £8 and am absolute steal since it’s so soft and warm! My favourite part of this is that it has proper full length sleeves, I hate getting a jumper that is like a cropped sleeve when I put it on… not everyone is small and it’s annoying when you’re tall and not always catered to! It makes shopping SO difficult because I have a bag, bloating and height all being an issue so my finds are the gems that make me feel confident in myself.I have to say I’ve wore that jumper far more than is acceptable since I got it and since I’m me I wore it with my new tartan scarf, it was only £4 once again from primark! Tartan seems to be one of those things this season that is ridiculously on trend. I’m always a huge fan of it (it must be the Scottish in me)… so much so that I’ve bought myself a statement tartan bag I’m waiting on getting delivered from South Carolina! It’s a bit pricey but for what it is I’m so sure I got it for a steal! I can’t wait to show you guys it when it arrives!

I also spend a fortune on PJs… I like to have a new pair at least once per month since I spend so much time in them so here’s a collection of some of my recent ones, each piece is less than £10 and I like to get the whole set like leggings/tracksuit bottoms, t shirt and jumper or zipper when they have.

So now I’ve done my collection of Primark buys, it’s time to move on to how I got a brand new Pair of Adidas Gazelles so cheaply and it has basically to do with having small feet, I’m around a size 6 just now but I can be between a 5 and a 7 depending on the brand. I’ve found out that trainers are really big made so I can vary from a 5 and 5.5 in their size which means I am able to get them in junior sizes! Currently Gazelles cost about £75-£90 online in adult sizes but I went into JD Sports and there was a sale on so I managed to get an identical pair of them in black for £35… this is crazy but I saved £40 and it’s worth it! If you have small enough feet and you don’t take advantage of these I will be shocked!

So that’s all my recent purchaces apart from what I got this weekend at the Christmas Fair from Country Living and I’ll do a little picture of these below. The sheep was £14, the bracelet was £10, the squirrel was 2 for £10 with another secret one! Fudge was 3 for £5 but they gave me one free and the shortbread was 2 for £16 and I can’t help but eat this stuff constantly!

Anyway that’s all for now, hope you all have a happy Monday!

Jen x

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