An Ostomy Friendly Halloween Costume You Will Be Desperate To Wear Again! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

With Halloween upon us only next week I have come up with the quintessential PopCulture costume of 2016 with plenty of parts I promise you’ll wear loads over winter since the dress is perfect for the party season!

Most of you by now will be completely aware of Stranger Things the Netflix Original Show which has taken the world by storm. Since I am a HUGE fan girl I wanted to dress just like Eleven one of the main characters (I do have the hair for it!)

My costume is something you could literally buy in one high street trip and is completely Ostomy Friendly.

Firstly I started with the dress. I hate buying things I won’t get use out of (I’m very particular and hate risking my bag being on show in a tight fitting dress too) so I decided to get the H&M Short Lace Dress in Pink, £29.99.

I think this is a pretty close match for the Stranger Things dress and use an elastic band to gather the sleeves in. I’m actually also considering wearing this to the Herald Fashion Awards next month so I’m definitely getting wear out of my new dress!

Next I moved on to the socks Eleven wears… if you want ones similar to Eleven you’re going to be spending £20ish online but I’m just wearing some American apparel ones for £10…

Throw these in with some white Converse  from Office, £44.99 from Office but let’s face it this is another thing most people have in their house and if not they’re a wardrobe staple you’ll wear to death! I bought mine in May and I’ve already got that beaten look from wearing them so often!

Finally I pulled this together with a Navy New Look Bomber Jacket, £24.99 which is really in this year so even if you don’t get the most wear out of it this winter, youll be glad to have it in spring!

This is honestly the most creative I’ve got for a costume as normally I buy the generic costume shop ones (last time I went out I was Poison Ivy) … insert picture here….

It’s hard to tell but I am in costume! And my hair was so different!

But this is my first year dressing up with an ostomy and I have never felt more free and my bag can move and fill up all it wants and I promise you won’t be able to see it! To prove it I had to take a picture with a half full bag and show you just how flattering this costume really is!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m so happy with how it turned out and I absolutely love getting to use my hair as Elevens wig!

Hope you guys like this blog and happy Halloween when it comes!

Jen x

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