My Fall Favourites! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky coiners,
For those of you who are following my health story, I’m still struggling majorly. It’s exhausting trying to keep all my hospital appointments, keep up in uni and run the business while going through the embryo freezing process. I promise I’m still designing and I have so many exciting plans coming up but the physical manufacturing is still a struggle at the moment. I’m still booked in for surgery in January and my health is just declining until then when hopefully I start to get better. As always I’m much more in depth with my health on my Instagram @CrohnieClothing if you’re interested in finding out more on a daily basis.

Anyway, since I’m out the house most days, be it for hospital or uni, I’m getting to wear my autumnal wardrobe much more! I’m going to show you some of my favourite outfits and the key pieces in my wardrobe this season.

Firstly I have the Topshop Jamie jeans (£45 but Topshop have a  10% student discount) that are ripped and have an extra high waist which is perfect for myself with an ostomy.

I wear them with my Primark Heeled Chelsea boots and my Asos Leather Look Jacket with Fur Collar.

Next I have my Asos Button Front Navy Floral Print Tea Dress (£12) I am going through a phase again where my jeans have made me leak constantly and I had to order some dresses and tights last week for uni so I didn’t get embarrassed in class after leaking everywhere on Tuesday and being in so much pain from my skin I couldn’t get out my car and needed my cousin Karen to come help me get in a bath because I was in a total state. I paired my dress with the heeled chelsea boots and my leather look jacket as above, some super thick Primark tights and the super thick scarf I absolutely love since it’s long enough to be wrapped around my neck but not too long to be worn open as a longer scarf which I do under my new coat…If anyone follows me on Instagram you’ll be well aware that I got the BEST bargain coat in Primark. It is a Navy A-Line coat with Faux Fur Collar (£25). I had been looking on Asos for a similar coat that was between £60 and £80 so when I saw this I had to get it! I’m he type of person who has a jacket for every type of weather but I had a gap for a winter coat that was pretty and could be dressed up or down since I have either fancy coats or casual ones so this fits in with my wardrobe completely!

I also had to get a new bag for uni that had room for my laptop, notebook, stoma supplies, medicines and my diary. I was sick of buying cheap bags which broke after a matter of weeks so I decided to invest in an Accessorize bag. I know that it isn’t a lot of money if you’re working full time but £45 to a student is a decent chunk of money so I waited for a 20% student discount and got this gorgeous bag. I’m now 4 weeks in to uni and I would be lost without this bag! It has so many different pockets so there’s room for everything and I can keep my laptop and notebook separate to my water bottle and also separate from my purse and car keys!

I also went into Primark for this T shirt specifically. I absolutely love the feel of velvet. I find it so comforting and it is super soft on my sensitive skin and it was a total bargain at £6. I decided to get the claret red colour because it is perfect for autumn but it can also be worn under a Christmas jumper and made extremely festive for the Christmas period!

Another Primark bargain I found was this demon shirt which was only £5 in the sale! It is so comfy when you put it on for a lazy day and I like to wear it as below or buttoned up with a choker and my Ugg Boots!

Next I have a beauty product I can’t life without now. I spent months trying to get Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation without paying customs fees and everywhere we went in Florida was sold out of shade 42 which matched my skin perfectly. I waited until it came here and it sold out until last week when it by luck was online on the Debenhams website! I love that this is a full coverage foundation like the one from Estée Lauder (Double Wear) but it is in such a pale shade that it matches my anaemic skin! It gives me a glow which stops me looking like I’m ill and rather makes me look like I have lovely fair skin. I even put this on when I had my rash in the picture below and it covered it up amazingly and for once I didn’t spend ages trying to blend it in to my neck! I love his with a brown/bronze smoky eye and a nude lipstick because it is so wintry and the brown colours really make my eyes stand out against my stark white skin.

Next up I have some more toiletry based items that I use lots and I’d recommend so much I had to include them…

Firstly I have Lush’s Daddy-O Toning Shampoo (£10ish for 250g) I actually saw a friend of mine try this out and it was incredible from the two pictures she posted! I literally rushed out to the shop to buy it and it is now my favourite shampoo ever. Plus it smells like Parma Violets which is another plus because some smells can be really off putting in shampoo for me since you literally smell it every time you move your head!

Secondly I have this amazing moisturiser. Anyone who has followed my story for a  while knows that I have really dry and sensitive skin. So much so that I had to go to my doctor about it because I am cracked everywhere and I can’t use many things in my bath unless it’s certain Lush or Imperial Leather bath stuff and I was silly and used a bath set I got for my birthday and my skin literally dried out an insane amount and I came out in a really bad rash (you can spot this in some of my vlogs where I talk about it!).

Dermol can be used as a cream, soap and even a shampoo if you’re having skin problems and after I posted about getting prescribed it I had SO many comments on Instagram from people who also love it and swear by it when they have any dry patches of skin or even any slight irritation!

Now I’m moving on to jewellery, I have some really key pieces that I never take off and I love them more than anything!

Most importantly is the locket I was given from Duncan. It is engraved saying “Always Your Bro Duncan” alongside other things he left for me to keep. I have only taken this off to wash and when I have had surgery because I feel lost without it. It’s my little bit of duncan I can take with me anywhere I go and I’m going to get it re engraved soon because I always rub the engraving when I get sad -and miss him so much so it’s actually starting to wear away the engraving now! I’m so nervous about getting it done because the last thing I want is for anything to happen to this necklace since it means the world to me!

Next I have my Thomas Sabo bracelet I got from my mum and dad alongside the angel charm for Christmas the year I got my ileostomy. They bought me the angel charm so it would watch over me while I am not well and it means a lot knowing the thought that went into this gift!

The other charms are the heart one that Stuart bought me last year for I think my birthday which is my favourite charm ever because it’s a part of Stuart I can bring with me wherever I want and it’s a heart, which girl doesn’t love a heart? And the final charm is the feather, I have a feather tattoo on my ribs with “she flies with her own wings” in Latin and I got it to celebrate my independence when I turned 21 and as a little reminder of how I do things my own way like always trying to stay in control with my treatment for my Crohn’s. Stuart saw me eyeing this up for months and I kept putting off buying it for myself so he surprised me with it last year for our anniversary!

My final piece of jewellery is my Mickey Mouse Watch we got in Disney World this year. I had a bigger Marc Jacobs watch which matched my charm bracelet but I didn’t want to wear it every day as it’s something I wanted to keep special as my parents got me it for my 21st birthday so while looking through the stores in Hollywood Studios I came across this kids watch which at the time was a tight fit but now I’ve lost a bit of weight it fits me perfectly with a few notches spare! I love carrying a bit of my favourite place with me wherever I go but I’m terrified I ruin it when I can’t get another til next year at the earliest!

Finally I have some shoes I can’t help but love…

My absolute favourite shoes I bought recently are my primark heeled Chelsea boots from the first picture but you’ve already saw those so I’ll tell you about my two other bargain purchases that saved me HUNDREDS of pounds!

First up we have my Chestnut Brown Ugg Boots in the classic calf height. I got these off of the Office Website in the sale at only £96 (instead of £140) and I got it while they had a 20% student discount which means I got them for £80!! I know it’s a lot of money but they are such an investment and I promise I’ll wear these every winter until they fall apart…

I also discovered the app Depop this month and I decided to buy some second hand Hunter Wellies in Navy for only £20! I saved literally £100! They are slightly worn at the heel but otherwise perfect and I got brand new hunter socks on the app too and those were only £5 for the red ones. I don’t have a picture of these yet because I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet since we’ve had surprisingly dry weather for Scotland!! I can’t wait to wear these on bonfire night with my jeans and parka coat so I can be all snuggle watching the fireworks and I have to get a peppermint hot chocolate to go with it!

Sorry for this being such a long post. I have so many favourite things but I haven’t even put half of them in here so if you like this type of post be sure to let me know so I can do so many more!

Anyway, I’m going to go to bed because it’s 2am when I’ve finished writing this and I need to be awake to post this at 9am!

Happy Monday,

Jen x

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