What’s Been Happening a Recently And My Favourite August Outfits! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Sorry for not posting in a few weeks, I’ve been really busy working on stuff for the business and also guest writing for PosAbility magazine and also limitless travel with 3 Rundown To Rio articles about the 2016 Paralympics (If you want to read the Limitless Blog posts click HERE!)

A glimpse of my PosAbility Article, available right now! 

Basically things have been pretty stable, I’ve not been admitted to hospital or anything and I’ve not had any major treatment so it’s a case of just muddling through until I get my next surgery which is a cyst removal and I begin Egg Freezing in case my big surgery in January makes me need IVF so it’s a lot to deal with at the moment since I’m really just waiting for my referrals and to actually start on the next steps.

My skin is very bad at the minute as I’m run down and I hadn’t had the right supply’s to go with my bag for a few days… It’s crazy how something so small can effect your life so much!

I’m really looking forward to being back at uni as I’m feeling like the summer holidays are so long and they’re really not productive… Even the reading list would be really helpful to me but that’s not available til the start of term.

Okay so now we’re caught up on my health, here’s a glimpse of what I look like right now… Lazy beyond belief!

Now some of you might have already saw this if you follow me on Instagram (I’m @Crohnieclothing and I upload stuff most days)

And here’s my run down of my favourite outfits I’ve been wearing this month!

This outfit I wore on a night out with Stuart and our friends and it was a great time, I felt so comfortable and supported, especially with my Comfizz Support Band I wore underneath! You can find this online here!! I swear by Comfizz now, and they’re run by the loveliest family who have the most beautiful reasons for starting now the company that has made me even more determined to support companies that have the products and who they help at heart!

My jeans are from Boohoo and the waistband goes to the perfect height, it doesn’t restrict my stoma at all which is something that happens often! Also my plunge cami from Asos is super soft and glides over my skin, bag and waistband like it’s not even there and of course I had my checked shirt because it was a warm night but I always feel the cold.

Next is my green boho dress with purple lace cardigan. I wore this to my hospital appointment with my surgeon about my big surgery we’ve planned for January. It was so comfy and was perfect for sitting around waiting on my doctors and drinking loads of tea.

Next is once again my plunge cami with my oversized spotty shirt which is another one of those outfits which looks nice but is super comfy and casual.I wore this outfit out for dinner with my parents , niece Niamh and sister Caz! It was so comfy and this bodysuit is so stretchy it had no bother when my bag filled up which inevitably happened since I was out for dinner!

Next I was in all grey and black for a lazy day with my Calvin Klein bra, wide neck jumper, Ivy Park leggings and super cozy socks!

I had a bit of a swollen tummy here so I teamed my ripped jeans with a cami to hide it, a checked shirt and my uggs since it wasn’t the nicest weather outside.

Next I just had some black high waisted jeans with a cropped jumper which had an open back and decided to get my belly out!

This outfit is one of my favourites, a plunge cami, black distressed shorts, a bat wing cardi and a pashmina! I decided to match my belt, bag and uggs so I accessorised to the max!

Next was a very similar outfit with an all lace vest top which I wore yesterday. Finally I got a brand new dress from Primark for only £5 the other day and since the weather was awful I wore it with a thick pair of tights, boots and a cardigan! It’s perfect for holidays but I thought it would brighten my wardrobe and would be perfect if there’s any nights out or anything in the coming weeks/months!

As I said I post all of this daily on Instagram so if you’d rather daily updates it’s maybe best to follow me there!

Have a great Sunday!

Jen x

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