Outfit Catch Up and A Potential Future In Vlogging! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Long time no blog and I’m sorry, it’s been  another few weeks where life takes over and you can never seem to get enough hours in the day… 

I was back at the hospital last week visiting my IBD nurses because I’m passing loads of huge blood clots from my rectal stumps, it gave me a big fright a few nights ago so I had to book in pronto to get it checked but luckily my bloods are alright and I’m just waiting to hear back from my consultant about what needs to be done, if anything because I’ve been plodding along with the blood for over a year now but it’s always a fright when it gets worse! On top of that I ended up with some random pain in the top of my stomach that have been coming and going all weekend so I’m not sure what they are but I was on the phone to nhs24 most of Friday night and resulted in a “take some painkillers and a hot water bottle” and I have to say it helped loads but it keeps coming back so I’ve been on pain killers all weekend which is never fun. 

Right now we’re past the boring bit about my pretty average (for me) health lets do an outfit rundown for some of my favourite outfits of the last wee while, where I can I’ll add in where I got things from with the price and also how it works with having my ileostomy! 

Firstly here’s what I’ve been wearing when I’m going a wee walk in the hills with my family, I’ve been determined to get some more stamina and also keep fitter since after Florida I’ve been in a better place than I have for a while with being able to walk a bit further…

My leggings are of course from the Beyoncé, Ivy Park range at Topshop (£40) and as you all know I’m obsessed with these, they’re super thick and supportive while not being restrictive on my bag and the style I got are the full length high waisted ones which means I don’t have to do the awkward leggings shimmy to pull them up during the day. I also have a grey pair because I am just so obsessed it’s unreal. These are what I wear about 70% of the time just now since I’m a lazy sod! With these I’m wearing my Adidas ZX Fluxx trainers in limited edition “Lights” from Asos (£50) I love these because my sister Caroline has a pair (you may know her from meonagoodday.com because she’s not only fabulous at picking trainers, she’s also seriously into her health with just completing tough mudder, training for a half marathon and to walk the Weat Highland Way alongside eating a mainly raw diet!) these trainers feel like walking on a cloud thankfully and are super cute and are really supportive and stop my ankles giving way like they normally do!

My hoodie is basically your run of the mill H&M (£12 ish) hoodie but this has been with me for almost 2 years and been washed constantly but still is extra soft on my sensitive skin and hasn’t faded at all from when I got it!

And of course on any family day out there has to be a selfie! 

Next is more of my everyday going out clothes and by going out I mean mainly to either Stuart’s or to asda since I’ve been so tired these days…

This outfit is basically some black high waisted jeans from H&M (14.99) that are actually really stretchy while also being a very thick denim, I never normally find there’s a stretch pair of jeans that isn’t very thin so these are right up my street. They’re also surprisingly soft for what they are and even the waistband seems gentle on the skin round my stoma tape which normally peels off when it’s rubbing against clothes all day. I also teamed this with a Asos Plunge Lace Cami (£25) and this is the buy of the summer, the comfiest top I’ve ever bought that is so soft it’s almost a silk and is also so flattering. I love it so much I wore it in an outfit still to come for my cousins wedding! 

This is another top I teamed with the black jeans, a pair of amazing peep toe heels from BooHoo and my trench coat. Absolutely kicking myself for not getting a picture of this full outfit but the top is £17.99 from New Look and basically had the black and white vertical Pannels then at the very bottom a light pink horizontal one. I LOVE this top because it’s something I’d never normally wear buy for an afternoon tea Hen Do it was perfect! It’s also opened my eyes to being able to wear lighter colours in a top and have more confidence in not having my bag leak. The only downside was it creased very easily when I was driving so I’ll need to find a way to combat that. 

Next there’s a picture of what I wore to the Ideal Home Show, this outfit was so comfy it’s unreal plus I made sure to wear a full skirt so I could take advantage of all the free samples and junk food I managed to eat that day! I tucked an oversize khaki chiffon t shirt from New Look (£12.99) into my Primark Pleated Pleather Skirt (£10ish, this was years ago!) and teamed it with some extra thick tights, some socks and some black suedette boots from Primark (£8) with me little grey cardigan from H&M also! 

Last but not least here is my outfit from yesterday at the new Mr and Mrs McKeown’s wedding! I wore my Asos Black Plunge Lace  Top from above with a pleated teal midi skirt from Joy (£15 in the sale last summer!) and also a wrap from Primark (£5) and the most gorgeous stewpot Sandals also from Primark (£20). Since I had so much stuff to carry I also took my patent Oversize Ted Baker Bag I got for my 21st! It was a wonderful day for a beautiful couple and everyone looked stunning, especially Lisa the bride! 

So after my rundown of my recent outfits I have an idea I’m toying with for the moment… I’m considering Vlogging my daily life so alongside my posts on here there will be more regular videos posted on YouTube of how life really is when you’re living with Crohn’s and an ileostomy alongside everything else going on in my life from trying to run a business at 22, to what me and Stuart do during our days (we think we’re hilarious, you may think differently) and also bringing you along to uni, shopping, hospital appointments and even let you in on some previously unblogged experiences such as surgery and recovery since all of which will be in my future! If any of you have any comments or have any idea what camera I should use for all this please let me know! 

So there you have it, one long blog I’ll be very surprised you read until now! 

Have a great Sunday,

Jen X 

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