Where Have I Been? Abscesses, Race For Life, Exam Stress and Yay T Shirts Are Available Now! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

Im sorry I’ve not been around much recently, I’ve had a few crazy weeks I have to fill you all in on…

Well firstly as you all know I’m heading off to Florida soon, 3 days to be exact since I always am, but in typical Crohns fashion I ended up with a huge groin abscess last week which I now know needs surgery but I’m managing for now to hold off surgery thanks to LOTS of antibiotics. Many of you know I have a history of some pretty severe abscesses before and they always happen over summer and leave me normally unable to walk about for a month after surgery since the wound gets packed daily for 6-8 weeks and it’s pretty painful.

Lucky me as always I had my abscess at its worst during the week I had my 2 exams of this semester… That was not fun at all. I’ve been in a lot of pain and was pretty out of it on tramadol but I did manage to get in for both exams however I do think I might be having some resits in August because of it! However thankfully exams are over and my abscess popped on Friday last week and I got to celebrate finishing my first year at uni by having a lovely afternoon tea with Stuart last week!

Thanks to the abscess popping I’ve not been in as much pain and was even able to take part in the Race For Life on Sunday Morning at Glasgow Green, I did it in just over 1 hour with my family and friends and we did it in memory of Duncan who I know would be so proud of me for managing to finish cos at one point I was convinced id need to take my wheelchair along to the race!

Here’s my family who took part in the race for life! My mums wee hand is too cute! 

I’m also very lucky to have such amazing best friends who also did the race wit me and we all wore our Lucky Coin tees! Thank you Rach and Amanda!!

After the race I have been absolutely wiped out, I’ve never been so tired in my life!! Which is why it’s taken until now to get the Lucky Coin and Crohnie Tees on the website but I’m very happy to announce you can buy them on our store HERE!!!

You may not hear from me too much over the next 2 weeks when I’m in Florida but I’ll do my best to blog!

Happy long weekend,

Jen x

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