CliniMed Stoma Supply Review and a First Glimpse at My Stoma

*This blog contains an image of my stoma some younger children and people who do not want to see should avoid.*

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. Mine has been spent indoors studying since my exams are just over a week away. On the plus side I have had a lovely delivery by Clinimed and SecuriCare who have asked me to do a review of their stoma supplies such as barrier films of various kinds, adhesive removers and even an ostomy deodorant and it’s all in the perfect travel bag!

 This was my wonderful delivery with a lovely note too…

Firstly I’d like to show you all a picture of what my stoma looks like at the moment. I have some severe issues with dermatitis and also with my belly button getting infected (pretty much constantly for the last year). I do apologise if I am making anyone feel uncomfortable but I completely believe that this should no longer be hidden and I am finally feeling brave enough to actually show you all what I contend with on a daily basis. I am definitely not ashamed to have an ileostomy. Let’s stop making poo a taboo.

Since my bag needs to stick I have a lot of problems with finding different barriers and have tried thousands of sprays, creams and even steroids without any improvement whatsoever… Until now. I have to say that CliniMed you have been my life savers.

In the bag I recieved a collection of the LBF skin barrier items. I have the spray, samples of cream, wipes and also swabs pre soaked in the barrier film. This has been the best discovery I have had to date, the whole range dries on your skin in less than 10 seconds, perfect with an ileostomy which works constantly. It is also completely pain free which is something I adore about them and also are very easy to apply especially with the pre soaked swab. I am completely converted to these and I’ve actually almost used my whole supply so I’m down to just the spray until I get these added to my perscription. I definitely recommend these especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to leaks as it really does protect your skin and after the last week I am now starting to notice the first improvements to my skin in over a year!

Secondly I also recieved these medical adhesive remover sprays made by Apeel. These are fantastic, especially in the early days of a stoma where your skin is extra sensitive and removing the bag can be extra painful (you never realise how many thousands of tiny hairs you have on your tummy until you have to basically wax them off! My favourite has to be the spray because it works like a dream and your bag will peel off painlessly in less than 5 seconds. The wipes are great too but the rubbing can lead to sticky bits going on your hands so I’d recommend having a hand sanitiser close by so it doesn’t stay on your skin. Although if you have a stoma chances are you have a months supply of hand sanitiser always to hand! The only downside to these are they are alcohol based and dry out my skin a lot so I tend not to use them for my stoma but I do use them when I have plasters on elsewhere on my body etc.

I also got the chance to sample the Limone Ostomy Deodorant, this was one I was very sceptical of at first because I have to admit poop smells bad but there’s nothing worse than a fruity covered poop smell! This was really surprising because with 1 spray I did find it had the fruity poop smell but with 2 it almost completely got rid of the smell and actually smelled like air freshener. It wasn’t too strong either which was great and this is perfect after eating foods with a strong smell or if you’re on antibiotics which can give you a horrid smell from your output.

I also got a lot of these in my bag too, they’re called Moroform and are a sachet of powder that is used to thicken up the contents of the bag when it is particularly watery. You just empty it into the bottom of your bag and it turns into a gel like substance which is much easier to clean up than a very watery output, especially one during a blockage. Everyone should have some of these on hand with an ileostomy as they can be very helpful in stopping your bag fill up too quickly like it would if it was watery and make it much more manageable and like the expected thickness of output.

Overall I have to say this was one of the best bags of tricks I could imagine and I plan on taking the bag with me on holiday to Florida at the end of the month. I also plan on filling it up with lots of extra stoma supplies to be kept in the bathroom in our hotel room as it has a great hanger for over doors and with its 90 degree table like opening it makes a very handy shelf to put your supplies on during a change!

I can’t thank CliniMed enough for having the chance to review these items as they have been very eye opening and have even changed how I deal with my ileostomy on a daily basis!

I hope this was useful to some of you and thanks as always for reading!

Jen x

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