Ivy Park Review 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

As always my life is crazy busy and I’m struggling to not only find time to get things done but also the energy, my skin round my stoma is acting up more than usual but I would be lost without some of the amazing skin barriers I got recently in a bag of stoma products I will be reviewing. Thank you to Clinined for sending the stuff over because it’s came at the perfect time for me!

Some of you may have noticed my hair has changed once again as I got my weave removed and the awful black colour taken out of my hair and I’m now back to my natural colour of a dark blonde that is definitely bordering on being ginger! I have to give special thanks to Cree from Mia Strada for helping get me on my way to being blonde before Florida and having one marathon dying and bleaching session last week, I can’t believe the miracle she worked!

It’s now only 4 weeks until I go away on my first proper holiday in a decade to Florida with Stuart and as always the clothing is my number one priority. I’ve been a massive fan of H&M extra thick leggings since my surgery last year however with some major help from Beyoncé and Topshop that has all changed!

These are the Ivy Park leggings in mid rise, full length in the grey colour (£40, Topshop). I was really worried the hype about these would be far too much and there would be no way the actual product would live up to it but I am ridiculously happy to say I’ve been proved wrong! I recently lost 8lbs after eating healthy and it seems to be keeping off even now I’m back on an exam diet but I’ve been so self conscious about my tummy and my thighs, however in these leggings they support you and hold you in slightly without being restrictive and I feel better in I have in a long time! I’ve definitely found my traveling outfit.

I love the supersoft material used in the leggings and the amazing quality because these leggings may be expensive at £40 but I would expect them to be double that for their quality. I’m already planning on buying the black high waisted ones and I can’t wait to get these too!

Basically here is my outfit yesterday … Of course I need a picture with Stu because with exams I’m hardly seeing him and I am definitely a clingy girlfriend who is not dealing well with the alone time!

I was wearing my Ivy Park leggings with a Primark light grey zipped up hoodie (£7 in store only) and my leather jacket I got for Christmas from Asos (£35 but possibly sold out as from A/W collection). I wore my white leather converse with this outfit too and it was perfect for lounging about and also for heading into town to find a new foundation then having a lazy pizza night with Stuart because let’s face it, eating some of your favourite foods really does make you happy!

Happy Thursday!

Jen x

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