T Shirts On The Way and A Trying Week!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

As those of you who follow us on Facebook will know, we’ve just ordered our first run of Crohnie Tees and Lucky Coin Tees!

As you all know the profits from these Crohnie tees will be used to fund our first collection of fashion for people with something to hide like scars/burns/ostomys and the profits from the Lucky Coin Tees will go into our savings account to go into the fund in Duncan’s name to get people earlier diagnoses for cancer through funding private testing when the NHS won’t fund it. Each T shirt costs £20 and are the softest t shirts we could find and they’re an amazing quality. If you have any pre order requests you can email me at jennifermcgregor93@live.co.uk with your size from x small to x large and we’ll arrange payment from there. These will sell out pretty fast due to demand and there being only 40 of each design so if you want your own within a month please get in touch so you don’t miss out!

So in more boring news I’m now just getting around to posting due to having even more health complaints, in all honesty I’ve hardly been out my bed in 3 days! I’ve got a suspected cyst on my ovary which could be making me feel this unwel alongside a really troublesome pain in my back which hasn’t been going away for weeks now. I’m thankfully getting tests done next week to confirm if I have a cyst or not and hopefully things will be on the up from there. On top of that I’ve had a slight fever the last two days which has finally broken and I feel like I’m no longer about to pass out when I stand up… It’s quite often I do get sick but when you get totally floored you forget how you can possibly feel this awful and it all always scare me since you never know if this sickness kick starts a flare up! It’s crazy because I went from looking okay on Monday afternoon like here…

To ending my night with my head in a bucket looking like this!

It’s been one long tough week so far, let’s just hope it’s finally on the up and I can get well to go see my best friend Lewis McKenzie playing Roger in Grease! On Friday night at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow (seriously not one to be missed if you can get a ticket!) and then my cousin Karen and her new husband Ryan’s wedding party on Saturday!

I think it’s safe to say I really need another night early in bed with Netflix and a cup of tea but hopefully I’ll be back to my regular self in a couple of days!

Happy Wednesday!

Jen X

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