A Lot To Deal With…

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

This last 10 days has been crazy, I’ve had way more appointments with doctors, nurses and even surgeons than I expected, there’s been procedures carried out, decisions to make and I’ve been brought back down to earth with a bang and realise just how tenuous my grasp is on keeping on this apparent even keel.

This is just some of the craziness from the last 10 days!
When you’re trying to live your life it is easy at times to forget you’re dealing with an illness just because you’ve grown so accustomed to being sick. It’s only when you get sat down and told to take it easy because you could make yourself worse it’s scary as you realise the repercussions of getting bad again could effect your entire life forever.

So I had to take a few days out to get myself together and have some me time before I had possibly the most exciting meeting of my whole time in this process and I’m going to keep it a bit of a surprise for now but there are big things coming soon!

As always I’m just sticking in at uni, almost at the end of the semester and I have some pretty important tests coming up this week so after Thursday I’m pretty much free for 2 weeks and hoping to have some new clothing on the website over that 2 week break!

And I’ll add in a quick selection of some of the clothes I’ve wore this week…


I’ve basically spent a lot of time in comfy clothes and trying to avoid leaks as often as possible and I’ve noticed it’s starting to pay off! Can I just quickly mention how amazing Primark pj’s are, they seriously wash amazingly after a leak and they’re so comfy.

Lastly here’s a little update of my skin, being religious with my skincare routine has helped with my dermatitis so much, I think if I keep this up I might feel comfortable to use just a tinted moisturiser in Florida rather than basically plastering my face with a maximum coverage foundation like Estée Lauder Double Wear!

I hope you all have a great Easter!

Jen x

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