Swimwear and Something To Hide! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Here’s a post I’ve been dying to do for a while now, especially since I’m nowhere near as thin as I was last year and I’m going on my first major holiday in 9 years in less than 3 months!

I’m determined as you all know to look like everyone else and because of that I have strived to look normal and not like I have an ileostomy since it drives me crazy being judged by my illness. I know the stigma is getting less and less with thanks to people like the amazing Ladies who have gone viral in bikinis while flaunting their bags but with being self conscious about my weight and about being so bare I don’t think I’ll be confident enough to wear a bikini this year… that doesn’t mean I plan on wearing a frumpy swimsuit, I have my eye on better things…

This is my newest swimsuit, the Motel Sunny Day Halterneck Swimsuit with Plunge Front (ON SALE! £12 from £40) from Asos. I absolutely love this swimsuit, it is definitely a statement one that’s for sure, it has black and white stripes which I feel really comfortable in as there’s so much going on there’s no way you’d notice my bag or the many scars I have all over! The plunge neck is so on trend and it’s something I love and is going to be a feature a lot in my blogs about Summer clothing!

Secondly here is the MALTA BOUTIQUE LACE UP FRONT AND SIDE SWIMSUIT from Boohoo (£20) I’ve been coveting this for a while I wont lie, I love that it has such a bold print that reminds me of a pink and turquoise peacock! I love that it looks like it is quite open whereas it is actually really covered up since you can adjust the lace up parts and just gives the illusion of showing skin!

Last but not least here is the Plunge Scallop Swimsuit from Topshop (£36) which is made with polyamide which gives the swimsuit a lovely texture that’s really flattering and as always black is very slimming. The top is another halter neck tie which means it is adjustable and very easy to give you a perfect fit on top. Plus the scalloped edging around the bust makes this much less revealing and gives the swimsuit a very cute girly feel.

I for one can’t wait to get into my swimsuit now as it makes me feel less self conscious about my bag due to hiding it very well. I will no doubt buy a high waisted bikini before I depart but the high waisted bottoms I tried on last summer were quite restrictive and led to my bag peeling off underneath when I moved around too much or went in a pool. I am very excited at hopefully having the confidence to sit by the pool and not cover up under a towel like I did when I went to the swimming after I first got my bag.

Swimming is a great form of rehabilitation and I am very hopeful that now being comfortable I will be able to get back to enjoying it and hopefully building my strength up which I haven’t really recovered since I got unwell 10 years ago!

I hope you have a fab Tuesday!

Jen x

3 thoughts on “Swimwear and Something To Hide! 

  1. Hi there !! I also have an ileostomy. I agree that it can work on your self consciousness when wearing a suit. I buy suits with ruffled / tiered layers so that if there is any ‘bulk’ in my pouch, it will camouflaged until I use the restroom. Have a great holiday !!

    1. Hi Dianne! I’m looking for a nice ruffled swimsuit too, I’m not going to spend too much time at the pool but it’s the most daunting part of going on holiday for me! How long have you had your stoma for? This is only going to be the second time I’ve been in a pool since surgery because I got some not nice comments made last time but I was wearing a bikini then so determined to feel as comfortable as possible in the situation! Thank you so much!! X

  2. hi you can always buy the little short bathing wraps that hide a multitude of things lol x hopefully the heat will make your bag more adhesive anyway but you can ask your stoma nurse about about paste rings by hollister they are very thin but fantastically adhesive they are well worth the trial as they may work for you x also i use a protective spray that can be sprayed onto open wounds and sore skin and then i use stoma powder (make sure it has no alcohol in the ingredients I use adapt ) and then the ring on my bag ! it may sound like a carry on but i can tell you its the best combo ive had in the 20 yrs of being an ostomist !! I hope my tit bit of advice help you in some way x if you want to ask anything just message me xx have a fantastic holiday and make some fantastic memories xxx

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