How To Hide Bad Skin! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

As many of you know with certain medicines come some pretty annoying side effects, my current ones include extremely dry and sore skin all over my body which due to the cold weather has left my face cracked and bleeding the last few weeks! Now I’m the first person to admit I have (had… if I keep up my new routine) an awful habit of leaving my make up on before bed and literally washing my face with soap and water and generally not taking care of it at all. This used to be okay before I developed really bad dermatitis but since it’s spread to my face I can’t hide it with some high waisted jeans like I can on my tummy!

This is my face without any kind of make up (horrendous I know, apologies for anyone in the middle of eating breakfast) it’s so sore and the red parts you see aren’t actually spots so much as patches of dermatitis.

 These products are here to help me get rid of this awful skin irritation and I have been religious with it the last week and I can already notice that the visible dry patches are slightly improving. Firstly I clean my face each morning with the Skin System Tea Tree Facial Scrub from Asda (£2) this is just put on in the shower and I let it stay on my skin for a couple of minutes before I rinse it off. Once I get out the shower and before I do my make up I use the Simple Cleansing Water from Superdrug (£3.59) I apply this onto a soft towel/cosmetic pads and let it dry before I pop on the Simple Toning Water also from Superdrug (£3.59) and use cosmetics pads to apply this. Once I’ve done these 3 steps my face feels amazingly dry skin free but unless I do my final step it gets really dried out. I have to use an intensive moisturiser that I got from my GP which is called Zerobase and it is great, not too thick but deeply moisturising and I’ve added in some Lotriderm steroid cream to try and kick start the process of getting rid of the dermatitis. It’s only been 1 week since my first photo but now my skin looks like it’s on the mend…

This seems like a lot but really is an extra 5/10 minutes each day and it’s 5 minutes at night just to use the cleanser, toner and moisturiser mix again to remove my make up.

I know that with having such painful skin and trying to be watching the pennies I have tried to find a good budget foundation and I’ve failed miserably. My one and only foundation love is Estée Lauder Double Wear in Cool Bone (£30) this is expensive but really is the only foundation which has the maximum coverage I need to completely hide my awful skin underneath.

This was applied all over my face and neck with a foundation brush then blended in with a sponge to get rid of any little lines left from the brush and ended up looking like this…

I then added some collection 2000 blusher in #2 Bashful (£1.99) to add a hint of colour in the right places.

This is how I looked with a touch of colour to my cheeks.

Next I added a little Good to Glow highlighter, Rimmel (4.99) to my cheekbones, the top of my nose and my cupids bow

 Next I did my eyebrows, these are basically filled in with the eyeshadow Whiskey (third from the right on the palate below) from the Urban Decay Smoky Palatte (£40) applied with an angled eyeliner make up brush.

Then I added to my eyes from the UD Smoky Palatte again with High (first on the left in the Palatte below) all over my eyelids, Dirtysweet (second to the left) over the crease and High as a liner (third to the right).

This was the outcome…
I finally added a coat of Rimmel 100% Waterproof mascara, Superdrug (£3.99) which is one of the only mascaras that doesn’t irritate my eyes!

And this was my final look after I was all done and had took my hair down…

I have to say that my number 1 tip from the last few weeks is buying a bottle that can be used to carry water/diluting juice so I drink at least 3 litres of water each day since so much comes out my stoma and I’ve been really dehydrated recently. It has even helped with my weight gain in reducing the bloating from drinking fizzy drinks and sugary fruit juice from concentrate alongside hugely reducing my calorie intake since I used to drink a LOT of my calories.

I’d like to recommend my sister in law Caroline McGregor’s blog which has helped me immensely with eating better, and knowing how to get the best from your body and making sure you put the best stuff into it, I’ve only just realised how important that is and it’s all thanks to Cazzy! You can find her inspirational blog HERE!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Jen x

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  1. you can get an extremely intensive moisturising cream from your doctor called deep bass cream its fantastic i use it all over for very dry skin especially in winter ! its covered by your crohns free scripts so its free x

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