Another Casual Outfit and Day 7 of Healthy Eating

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Thought I’d do a quick update on what I wear to uni these days, since I’ve been saving for Florida and now trying to lose weight I’m doing my best to avoid clothes however I am preparing to do a blog about swimsuits with an ileostomy in the next few days!

In the meantime I’ve just been plodding on with uni and trying to source Crohnie and Lucky Coin tees, it’s proving difficult trying to find the balance between quality and an affordable price, it’s why the clothing line is taking a while to come along, I feel like I’m constantly trawling wholesalers and fabric stores trying to find the right outfits at a good price including any alterations people need!

Today I’m basically wearing black on black with a tartan shirt.

I’m wearing a lace black skirt I actually got for free since its been made from a dress I bought when I was 12! The lace makes the skirt super flowy and that hides my bag even when I’m sitting in class and trying not to leak. Im SO excited to wear this in Florida with a super cute strappy bralet and some sandals.

I just shoved on a black Cani top which is starting to get comfier now I’m losing weight which is great and of course my green checked shirt because let’s face it, it’s my favourite item of clothing ever!

Moving on from the clothing I want to tell you all a bit about my healthy eating, I’ve had to try reeeeeeally hard to persevere with the leaks and pain as I’ve tried to eat foods harder to digest such as rivita and fruit. I’ve leaked a lot more than usual due to this and having food that can come out whole. Unexpectedly I never realised that upping my intake of fruit and veg would make things a lot more acidic so as of last night I’m now back on antibiotics (boo!). On the plus side I am already starting to notice little changes in my body, my tummy is less bloated due to not drinking much fizzy juice, my skin which is terrible is starting to be less broken out in spots and my clothes are more comfortable since I’ve lost between 3 and 4 pounds!

I’m off to actually do something with my day (probably just sitting around as usual) and I’ll speak to you all soon!

Jen x

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