Happy Valentines Weekend! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

It’s been an exciting week, got some uni results and I’m passing all my classes (even finance which is a miracle), got our first batch of funding from the social enterprise challenge (OH MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER!) and I get to spend Valentines Weekend with Stuart! (Insert all the love heart eye emojis) also as a downside on Thursday morning (4am!) I got woken up by my dad because my mum managed to slip while letting Bella out and she broke her arm so It’s been a crazy few days!! 

So yeah you heard me right, that’s us officially with capital! (I’m in talks about getting some Crohnie bamboo cotton tees made alongside some normal cotton ones too that will be slightly cheaper, these should be available to order online in the next couple of weeks but I’ll be interested in finding out what colours you guys like best, I was going to choose a plain white tee with some black writing.

Secondly this means that our clothing range has been funded and as soon as I can I’m hoping to have all our customisable range online too, it’ll have 5 key pieces for women and 5 for men under the name Lucky Coin for CrohnieClothing. I’ll keep you all up to date on this and let you know about any new developments! 

Since it’s still cold outside I’ve been struggling a lot with what to wear, especially for uni as its SO warm in lectures! This is why I’ve now been changing things up a little and wearing some light shirts with layered vests or camis underneath that I can open if I get too hot, teamed with my leather jacket with the furry collar…  

This was my look on Friday and I have to say I LOVED it! (Please ignore the disabled toilet selfie) I got so many compliments on it even though I was literally wearing legging from h&m (I’ll only wear their extra thick ones since they never leave you with that light coloured bum that is really embarrassing to have and see! I’m also wearing Primark Chelsea boots that are only £8 but they are really roomy so I can wear fluffy socks underneath as my circulation sucks and an oversized shirt, this look can also be dressed up for drinks or dinner with a pair of strapped sandals, I would highly recommend New Look for those! 

I’m also going to Florida in May and staying in Walt Disney World so I had to start buying some holiday clothing in advance, this is my Primark Mickey Mouse top that I love because it has long sleeves and it’s baggy enough to cover a filling up bag! I’m planning on wearing this outfit on the plane with some of those h&m leggings and my Nike high top trainers. 

Finally I had an amazing date night with Stu for our Valentines weekend so last night was our big night out (since Stuart’s working on Sunday we’re just gonna have a weekend of it! Tonight it’s games and the M&S dine in for 2 for £20, possibly the best dinner ever!) we went to Carluccio’s in the city centre and decided to get a bit dressed up since I’m always in jeans or leggings! 

Seriously how handsome is he? I’m very lucky!! I also had the chance to wear my very expensive dress from Topshop I got last year, it’s so gorgeous I have to wear it every chance I get. It’s the dress I love because it has see through panels on it and all over the back but due to the colour it hides so many things I’m self conscious about like scars and stretch marks. It was well worth £100!  

I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!  

Jen x

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