Sunday Chills and Turning Into Curly Sue! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky coiners!

I hope you’re all having a fab weekend.

As all you students know that’s us properly back in the swing of uni again and Christmas break feels long forgotten. I’m currently suffering with not 1 but 2 infections and just getting over a bout of the flu (I have no idea how I wasn’t bed bound but Night and Day Nurse, you are my saviour!) and have been feeling a little better emotionally now I’m back in a routine I know and I’m focusing on getting my uni work done as soon as I can then I can be maybe a week ahead in case I get any more infections so I’ll be able to relax a little bit.

I’ve also been told that the first instalment of the West Dunbartonshire social enterprise grant will be through this week! (Yaaaay!)

As usual things are crazy busy here, what with my multiple appointments at the hospital, GP alongside all the uni work I have and running the business while making lots of exciting new contacts over the next few weeks. There really aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done but I’m enjoying being kept preoccupied. I’ll always prefer to be busy after spending months upon end in hospital or in my bed.

I actually bought myself a new shirt yesterday since I have had so many leaks my clothes are discoloured from the acidic nature of the poop that ends up over it a LOT!

 I absolutely love the fit of this, it’s so comfy and is even hiding my half full bag without being too obvious!! I am definitely glad for the £8 I spent on this from Primark! They have lots of different colours available too and has been perfect today when I went to go get food teamed with my fuggs (fake ugg boots from JustFab, £35).

I also treated myself to a Remmington curling wand from Amazon (£20.99 on  sale right now)

These are literally the only way to curl my hair and make it last, I went from looking a pale straggly mess to having classic Miley Cyrus curls (before the platinum blonde shortness!)

 I’d definitely rate them 10/10, my curled have lasted well over a day and a half and are the exact same look as when I did them!

Happy Sunday,

Jen x

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