Dreading Going Back To Uni

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

It’s that time of year now where everyone’s getting back in their routines and most people are back from their Christmas holidays. For us students at uni though this is about to be our first day back very soon! My first day back since the beginning of December is tomorrow and since I’ve been able to avoid going out since uni stopped I’m now terrified about going back.

I am starting to think I’m slightly agoraphobic, I spend all my time out my house thinking about when I can go home and when I’m in my house I’m terrified to leave unless I’m with someone that knows how unwell I can get like my mum or Stuart. I really am trying to focus on getting in a routine (especially with my bag and trying to stop having leaks all the time. Fingers crossed at least once in 2016 I can go more than 6 hours with a bag!) but I will struggle with being on my own and going to uni by myself. 

I will try to go to more lectures than I did last semester but I have to say I am terrified! 

I did on the plus side go out in the snow for a little while and even though I was with my niece and my cousins, I didn’t feel too uncomfortable! 

I’ll post a blog tomorrow about how I’m dressing for my first day. I’ve also had a few emails about another make up blog and another about how I do my hair with my weave so I’ll be posting them through the week too so lots going on and as always I’m sure I’ll have some kind of hospital/gp appointment because let’s face it, every week there is one! 

Have a happy Sunday,

Jen x

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