A Busy Day and Exciting News

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

You all know how often I need to get to the doctor to get antibiotics for my infected skin round my tummy and today I’ve got to rush to the doctors to get a check up and more meds since I’m in a bit of a state again so just a quick post about some exciting news! 

Firstly, not too exciting was I organised my room starting with my stoma supplies, I think most of you other ostomy buddies will agree this is idly therapeutic.

Secondly I got some pretty special post through today, CrohnieClothing is officially trademarked! It’s been a long time coming as I filed for the trademark in September but I’m so glad I can finally announce some good news!  

I also managed to get my business banking sorted (thank you Santander for putting up with my constant calls to make sure everything was going okay) so hopefully the first part of the Social Enterprise Grant from West Dunbartonshire council will be on its way very soon so I can start stocking and selling Bamboo clothing while also getting together the first line of CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin ladies and menswear! 

It’s so exciting to be able to say all the work going on behind the scenes is coming to light and getting closer and closer to our own clothes being released!

Thank you all for your support and faith with everything! I’m in the waiting room of the surgery as we speak so I’ll get back to reading some out of date magazines.

Happy Thursday everyone,

Jen x

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