Facing Fears

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

In line with my New Years resolution I’m determined to not go more than a day or two without a blog post and today I didn’t have the most fun but I did once again leave my house, yay! …however my trip was to the dentist at the hospital to get some work done thanks to years of being on steroids and having to drink a lot of my calories causing my teeth to weaken and led to me getting sedated to do it in as few appointments as possible as to not stress me out and flare up my Crohn’s… Not so yay.

I have a massive fear of dentists, basically a bad experience when I was younger and not being able to grit my teeth during the oh so many procedures that I’ve had in the past have led to it being worse than a colonoscopy for me and for those of you out there who have had the pleasure of a colonoscopy yourselves, you know that is way down on the list of things you want to do in a day.

Thanks to me being a wimp I’d put off my treatment with my dentist for a long time and now it’s leading to me needing more work done than I would have originally but I have to say I’m surprised at how little it is in comparison to how blown out of proportion it was in my head.

Since I now seem to have grown a pair out of nowhere I have to admit I feel a weird sense of relief about facing probably my biggest fear even if I am getting sedated and taking the easy way out! It’s made me realise how important your teeth are though and that having IBD can really affect everything from head to toe and I for one would really recommend all of you going for a check up before it gets to a bad point, plus you never know, it might give you a little confidence boost with some shiny white teeth!

I’m going to be constantly flossing from now on so please warn me if I have food between my teeth. I’m also off to study for yet another exam and try not to fall asleep into my notes!


Jen x

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