Left My House for Once!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Not a big deal for most but yesterday I actually left my house for a while, it’s a rare occasion I go out, unless it’s to visit Stuart and his family but that’s basically my second home so I’m not counting that haha!

I went to B&Q yesterday to get some paint and furnishings for moving from my single bedroom into the much bigger spare room which used to be Duncan’s. It’s not me at all and is all monochrome so I have to make it more girly and homely now I’m going to be sleeping there.

I had been dying for a chance to wear some Christmas clothes I got so I thought why not just get dressed up?

This is my outfit, thank you Primark! Im wearing the Monochrome Checked Twist Shirt (£10 in store) and since I’ve got to have so many different pairs of black jeans thanks to my inevitable leaks and these are the Primark High Waist Super Skinny Jeans (£10 in store). I find these days black is the only colour I feel safe in as if I leak it can hide them slightly more than any other colour.

The top is so comfy and is so on trend this winter that I can’t believe it’s such a bargain! Where else can you get a full outfit for £20?

On top I wore my Asos leather jacket I got for Christmas. I have no idea what it cost because it was a present but I love the fur collar and I’ve been told it was a very good buy. Go have a look at the Asos range of leather (pleather in my case) jackets Here!

My satchel was £11.99 on EBay (most colours sold out but they update stock regularly, mine is the brown one) and they have thousands of different types, colours and sizes plus they’re padded to be laptop bags too! I use mine mainly for uni but since I got a new uni backpack to help with my back pain, this is my day to day bag. Get one online here!
Overall I managed to get out the house for once and I might have been out for less than 2 hours but it’s better than sitting in my room watching Grey’s Anatomy constantly.

All about the baby steps,

Jen x

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