Studying Comfort

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

It’s that time of year where I become so stressed out that literally anything makes me cry and become an emotional wreck (I cried earlier because I couldn’t get my new razor out its plastic jail) and get really down about yet another year of living with Crohn’s.

In a month it’ll be 9 years I was diagnosed which means it’s been pretty much a decade since I started getting sick. Throw in the stress of exams and the sadness I still feel every single day without Duncan and it’s a lot.

I’m once again struggling to get out of my bed and into clothes, especially since I have an exam on Thursday but yesterday I made the effort and actually put clothes on so I could go to Asda. Since I’m spending so long lying down/sitting I wanted to be super comfy and these are my comfy clothes.

I wear black skinny high waisted jeans that I talk about constantly on here about benign the only trousers I’m comfortable in and I’m not kidding, I have 6 pairs of matching jeans!

I was wearing a black laser cut tee from Primark that was £10 and is still available now! I love it so much I got it in burgundy too.

I also was wearing a half sleeve bat wing shrug cardigan that had a dark green and black stripe over it. I got this in the winter sale in Forever21 two years ago and it is the dream cardigan, I’m determined to get another since it’s starting to develop a hole but I’m still hunting for one online! I hopefully will find an equally super soft material that is so soft against my skin and it’s surprisingly warm!

I also was wearing a pair of Primark Chelsea Boots £12 that I got the other day, I am forever in boots so I can wear thick socks underneath and this is the third pair of these boots I’ve got and I wear them to death (it’s surprising how much driving wears down my shoes). I also got an amazing pair of over the knee black suede boots I’ll be posting about super soon since I’ll probably next be dressed in actual clothes on Thursday and will wear them to my exam.

I hope you all have a good night,

Jen x

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