Tops and Antibiotics 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

If you’ve saw my post Why I Need Customisable Clothes? You’ll know I’ve been on loads of antibiotics recently thanks to being allergic to adhesives on my bags and getting infected skin/belly buttons and the only way to treat that is a lot of little grey and blue pills called Flucloxacillin and they’re an antibiotic that helps me for a few days but it leads to bloating and being sick… A lot alongside CONSTANTLY full bags.

This makes it really hard trying to find tops that are comfortable and give me a little bit of confidence back since I can dress how I want. It’s difficult, really difficult. Dressing everyday with a bag is difficult, especially at 22 and I pride myself on people not being able to tell I look different when I’m not in pjs but with these antibiotics being the controlling factor in my life for the last 4 months is making it harder to hide.

I find that wearing tops like the Yazzmin Cold Shoulder Curved Hem Tee (£10, is ideal for hiding that because firstly it’s super soft, I definitely didn’t expect it to be so nice against my skin which is nice because thanks to the allergic reaction, my skin for about an inch around the baseplate of the stoma is raw and scabby which is pretty sore most of the time. It’s also super stretchy so it helps hide the bag and the material is heavy enough that it hangs really well too and I’d say that it’s pretty flattering too so I don’t look ridiculously bloated in it too!

I’d definitely recommend this top as one of the best I’ve tried recently and I can’t recommend it highly enough for being so perfect for someone like me.

Happy Shopping,

Jen x

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