Sorry For Being Gone…

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

I’m so sorry that once again I’ve not been as busy on here but I have to say I’m still struggling more than ever with my anxiety and depression. It’s no excuse so as my New Years resolution I’m aiming to post here at least once every other day.

I think this is as good a time as any to give an apology to my family and friends for not being there for anyone or trying to make a difference in their lives anymore but at this moment in time I’ve needed a lot of space to get my head around things.

As 2015 is nearing a close I thought that all of you who have stuck with CrohnieClothing from its infancy 3 years ago, to those of you who are newer to the CrohnieClothing blog deserve to know that I’m not burrying my head in the sand about the business since I’m not blogging recently, but I’m actually doing work behind the scenes to find suppliers for our clothing and trying to figure out how to make the adjustments to the clothes I’ve got planned like the waistbands and easy access to ports or lines.

I’ve also been debating saying this for a long time as I feel I could come across as disrespectful to those of you who are here purely as Lucky Coiners and friends of Duncan’s but I don’t think I’ve got across the purpose of the business to you all well so here goes…

Basically CrohnieClothing is the company name, always has been and always will be. It is set up for people like myself to one day get the clothing they need to help them feel comfortable and fashionable while having scars/burns/ostomys and a range of other medical problems. Lucky Coin comes in to play as it was Duncan’s goal to have his own clothing line for men called Lucky Coin. Since he is no longer able to do this though, I wanted to call the menswear side of the company Lucky Coin for CrohnieClothing in his memory.

Once the business has a turnover and has started making a profit however, I will be looking to make a fund for the profits from the Lucky Coin menswear to go towards getting an early diagnosis for people like Duncan who could have had more time with us had they had access to a private endoscopy etc. This fund will not be set up for a while though as the clothing for people who need it is my priority and without it there is no way we will have profits for a fund at all, and we won’t even have a cash flow to make more clothes which is our goal.

I don’t want this company to be all about the fund though, it will always be a business that is specifically for people with any kind of issue they want to cover up and for people like me who can’t just go and buy clothes like anyone else.
I’m sorry if I seem ungrateful but at the moment I know that Lucky Coin seems to be in the forefront of people’s minds and the messages and emails I’m getting all seem to revolve around that and I feel like I need to explain exactly how the business will work.

This blog has always contained very private details of my life I’ve wanted to share with you all, since a lot of you have been involved for so long and I plan on continuing that way, but sadly sometimes things won’t be always happy and there will be a post with a negative side to it like mine tonight.

I hope you all are having a good time preparing for the holidays however I am anything but festive this year, having lost Duncan and now having to think about more surgery as my allergies to the stoma bags are getting worse by the day and having saw multiple consultants/nurses/stoma nurses and been told that my only options are surgery or to cope as I am with constant pain and leaks, I’m actually dreading the rest of the year.

I hope you all can understand if I take a chance to contemplate everything going on until the new year but I promise I’ll be back soon with more fashion advice and hopefully a more positive outlook than I have at the moment alongside CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coins first collection.

Thank you all for your continued love and support and Merry Christmas,

Jen x

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  1. Hey Jen – sorry to hear you’ve been through such a rough spell. Hope that things start to get easier for you. Have also posted a similar post on my blog explaining my absence from writing, however my reasons are more due to other things getting in the way. Here’s to a better 2016 for all of us! Keep well. KBO X

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