Why Do I Need Customizable Clothes?

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Word of warning I will be posting a picture at the end which some of you may not want to see.

I’m just doing a quick post to show you all why I am struggling so much recently and why I’m avoiding going out. You’ve saw recently in the news some amazing people who have got their bags out and gone viral while doing normal things. I’m just wanting to show you how some of the complications of having an Ostomy can mean you find it hard to have a good quality of life.

  This is the skin around my stoma, I’m sorry for showing this but I think it’s important to show about why I need clothing that will help me not leak everywhere. 
I’m allergic to the Ostomy bags that go over the stoma and it’s something I never thought I’d have to deal with but sadly it’s something that is making it harder and harder to wear any kind of clothes due to any pressure on the bag causing an instant leak and all the material of tops and bottoms cause the skin to get even more irritated. 

This is why I personally need CrohnieClothing to take offend become a reality because at the moment the high street really isn’t suitable. 

I hope I haven’t put anyone off their lunch.

Jen x

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Need Customizable Clothes?

  1. This may be a silly question because I don’t know too much about ostomies, but is there a cover you can put around the bag to possibly decrease the allergic reaction?

    Also- thank you for sharing! The truths of ostomies needs to be shared as well! Because while there is becoming more and more media with people showing their ostomies – it took them a long time to heal and get used to it to get to that place. I have a friend who recently had a permanent ostomy put in and it has not been an easy road as he has had many many complications from the surgery!

    Wishing you the best and that you find a solution soon! Stay strong!

    1. Sadly not that I’ve found! I’m allergic to one of the main components in adhesive so that’s what’s causing my problem.

      Thank you so much, I feel like I just want people to know why I’m struggling, especially since I look so well with clothes on!

      1. You probably are not the only one with this struggle, so its good that you are sharing! Because if people are not vocal about the issues, we can not solve the problem!

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