One Hell of A Busy Week!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

Here’s my blog at the beginning of this CRAZY week…

Firstly today I had a meeting with 3 stoma nurses instead of 1 to try and get this wound and infection under control and to get some help to get my bags to stop leaking and to hopefully get me back into uni without being so stressed out… I spend probably 20 minutes before I go in crying in my car at the moment (no really, I factor it in when I’m planning my day).

Next I went back to my old haunt of City of Glasgow College where my amazing lecturer from my time there Cheryl Kinloch was a lovely host and let me speak to the new second years in the Advertising and PR course and hopefully get me some interns to help out with the running of the company (I still can’t believe I was the speaker, I felt like I should have been sitting on the other side of the class and listening to someone pitch a company to me!). Fingers crossed that will lead to even more posts on all our social media and (fingers crossed even tighter) if we get some capital we can get the first lot of clothing out soon!

This was today’s outfit which is my usual casual wear but I think people respond fairly well to it, especially since it’s so autumnal!

Tomorrow there’s even more going on with me heading back to my GP for the 5th time in 2 weeks to get on some antidepressants and antianxiety meds again, I’m definitely grieving more now than I have done previously and it’s getting to a point as well where I’ve been terrified to leave the house for now reason at all other than my fear of my bag. I’m not able to carry on like this and I do think that something as major as having a bag really does weigh on your mind even though you don’t expect before surgery that 10 months down the line you’re still struggling!

Then on Wednesday is the day I’ve been really anxious about! It’s the day I get to pitch CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin for the West Dunbartonshire Social Enterprise Challenge… At the moment just thinking about it has me so nervous but I’m really looking forward to meeting the panellists and getting feedback from them on what they think about us!

Finally on Thursday I have my first ever uni exam to do… I am BRICKING it for this, it’s on Excel and I’ve not done that since school but I’m hoping to scrape a 60% somehow!!

Then over the weekend I have a lot of coursework coming up that is due so I’m not going to get a break for the foreseeable future and that takes us up to next week when we hopefully will get our results on how we did from the Social Enterprise Challenge!

Wish me luck!

Jen x

P.S. life of a Crohnie involves a lot of work… it just might need to be done sitting or lying down!

P.P.S. Sorry I wrote this last night so everything is me talking from then!

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