Launching Our Online Store and Knitting Club!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

It’s been a ridiculously busy week with trying to get into uni, FINALLY sending off our business plan to the West Dunbartonshire Enterprise Awards after a very generous extension and the start of knitting club even though with my bag leaking everywhere at the moment I couldn’t be there but the amazing Caroline, Duncan’s wife and my sissy in law took over and held the knitting club and provides cakes and treats for all our workers who are knitting our “hugs” and our hats!

Firstly I’d like to thank Caz for her hosting skills and sorting the knitting club because I really couldn’t have done it the state I was in and she done it far better than I could! Secondly, thank you to our troupe of knitters, you’re amazing and thank you for your free labour! I promise to keep you all on side with loads of treats! Look at you all hard at work, it’s so cute!

Here are some more photos of the night,  we’ve got Amydoll, our youngest recruit making me and Duncan proud…

… Mama Burns showing everyone how it’s done!…

…Auntie Ann and Lisa hard at work…

Our final product! The first design of a Lucky Coin Beanie! Can’t wait til we have even more, plus the option of pom-poms and turn ups and all the pretty colours! Thank you Lisa for modelling it!

Next we have launched our Crohnie Clothing and Lucky Coin Website! You can buy your Lucky Coin Bracelets there, all hand made with love and with FREE postage, a total steal at £4! Get yours HERE!


Thank you all for the orders so far!

Jen x

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