We Need YOUR Help!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

I need your help… We’re looking to upgrade our website from a blog to a blog, store and somewhere to donate to our GoFundMe page since we’re going to finally have lucky coin “Duncs” Ribbons and bracelets available over the coming weeks. We’re also looking into a “Send a Hug” which will be a hand knitted scarf/ blanket or tie to give to a loved one who you may want to give a hug to but you’re unable to give one in person and even Lucky Coin and Crohnie Clothing T Shirts once we get some more capital!

Basically what we need to know is upgrading to a business wordpress site worth it or is there another better way to go about it?

Also we’re going to need some dedicated knitters to help to knit a “hug” and to assemble the ribbons or bracelets so we can sell to help fund our first batch of clothing! If you’re interested in knitting, making ribbons or bracelets all the materials will be provided free of charge and you can always let me know by the usual ways of Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/crohnieclothing, twitter – @adprjenniferm or good old email – jennifermcgregor93@live.co.uk and any family either give me a wee text or call my mama bear and we’ll arrange to get some stuff to you or to come have a knitting or ribbon and bracelet club!

Thank you,

Jen x

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