Missing Duncan and What to Wear to Uni with an Ostomy

Hey Crohnies and lucky coiners!

Firstly sorry for my week gap in posts but I’ve just started uni and I’m still struggling to manage blogging, starting the clothing line, lectures, visiting Duncan’s grave and Crohn’s. It’s a lot to try and handle at once.

I can’t believe that today it’s 1 whole month since we lost Duncan, I still keep thinking he’s going to walk through the door and ask what’s for dinner with caroline. It’s not surprising that it’s still really hard and in all honesty I think it always will be. I don’t think you can ever get over losing someone, especially when you’re as close as how we have always been so I’m determined not only to get through my uni course, but also to make our goal of CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin clothing a reality. I’ll do him proud!

I am also so shocked at how many of you have pledged money to the Go Fund Me Page, I’m in awe of your generosity and also thank you to The Clydebank post for their lovely article on Duncan and myself, it was such a pleasure to read and the closest thing to page 3 I’ll ever get since it was on the third page!

As you all now know I’ve started uni and my main worry is what do I wear to not only hide the bag so people don’t instantly label me as my bag or my Crohn’s, but I’m definitely embracing the bag more as I know without it I wouldn’t be here let alone starting uni so I’m trying to get over my own insecurities I have… That is until I have a stoma fart in a lecture, that’ll be interesting!

But back to basics, here are my two favourite fall outfits for uni. I wear a sturdy pair of Chelsea Boots (£22.50 plus student discount!) every day so I’m wearing earthy tones to go with my matching Satchel Laptop Bag (£10.49-12.99 with free P&P)

  My outfit here is a khaki Cami from Primark (£4 but probably in sale as it’s no longer summer) with the tartan scarf also from Primark (£5), teamed with the high waisted Disco Jeans (£19.99 from New Look, featured in the Back To Basics post from last week). My watch is Marc Jacobs but I’m unsure of the price as it was a gift for my 21st.

  Today I was wearing my Disco Jeans (as above) with a black lace Cami from Missguided which I think is sold out with a huge super soft shirt I got off eBay years ago that is nice and light for warm lecture rooms but is great for being amazing at hiding my bag. I also wore last years parka coat from ASDA which I love as it’s super warm and I’m once again on infection  and bug watch so I don’t end up on any more antibiotics for as long as possible.

Over the next few months there will be more and more information about how I dress that best suits myself and new ways to cover up my scars/stretchamrks/ileostomy.

If I get a good response on this I’ll do my best to create my essential autumn/winter wardrobe for any occassion!

Have a lovely night,

Jen x

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  1. Well done Jennifer , if you want any tips please don’t hesitate to contact me. I worked f/t for many years, managed to get my HNC IN COUNSELLING AND look after my mother , son & grandson.

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