What’s Been Happening This Week

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

It’s been another crazy week and the end is nowhere in sight! I hope you all will be proud of me because I’m a girl on a mission determined to get things going for Duncan. I’ve had a tough week with fatigue, think I might be needing some more iron or blood soon but for now I’ll have to settle for the odd nap… If I have time!

This week I’ve had lots of meetings with some really interesting people such as The Business Gateway on Tuesday who have gave me a LOT to think about in regards to what kind of business I want CrohnieClothing to be and really the only thing that’ll help me decide overall is, what is best for the people who need this to work? I’ve always said from the beginning it’s not about the money and I stand by that, if I never make a penny off of this but help make someones life a little easier or we can raise money so that someone gets an endoscopy when they need one then I’m over the moon and I’ve done my bit!

I have so many amazing people get in touch with me about funding and potential contacts who could help out and I’m really so grateful because you’ve gave me some great leads I would never have found on my own. Thank you all!

The Go Fund Me Link is here once again because although you all have raised £700, it’s still not quite enough to get properly off the ground but there’s a fantastic start! If anyone would like to organise some fundraising or would like me to organise anything you’d like to take part in then please email me at: jennifermcgregor93@live.co.uk or on the CrohnieClothing Facebook or even my personal Facebook page and we can sort it out!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my old college to see about getting in their October Newsletter which is also really exciting alongside back to back meetings next week! I cant believe how quickly things are taking off but it will take a slight while to get everything sorted and trademarked but it’s not a long way off at this point. I’ll keep applying for public grants and keep pestering you all for feedback on what you want to see happen but I have so many ideas I want to make a clothing reality!

Theres a new clothing blog on the way but until next time cheerio!

Jen x

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