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Hey Crohnies, and now Lucky Coiners!

After the whirlwind last few days in which we’ve started to raise capital to make CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin a reality, over £600 in 2 days might I add, it’s about time for me to get back to doing what I’m used to which is blogging about clothing im wearing which makes me feel more comfortable with my stoma and hides my scars and stretchmarks.

With our new developments of a potential clothing line underway, I can’t disclose much new information until next week when I’ve had some of the meetings I have planned but I have BIG things planned in the coming weeks and months!

So in the meantime I’m getting back to business and blogging about the clothes I’m wearing at the moment.

Since I’m getting ready for starting uni, I’m determined to get a few casual outfits together that can be worn from this weird time where some days you might not need even a cardigan and other days when you need a winter coat! So here are the basics I’m wearing at the moment and I’ll be doing a post on what to wear with them as we go into autumn!

Possibly the best staple in my wardrobe are black high waisted skinny jeans. I wear them CONSTANTLY!

These are the New Look Disco Jeans (£19)  and I love them! They’re a high waisted design which is high enough not to restrict the ileostomy I have and the stretchy material means they stretch as the bag fills up! It’s a rare occasion you’ll see me without black jeans on and these are my current favourites!

Now since I’m a student I’m a big fan of Primark’s tops and shoes since they’re so affordable even now as I’m waiting for saas to come through haha!

I got this Primark Burgundy top £8 in store the other day and with it being loose fitted it hides when I may be needing to find a bathroom to empty my bag and the detail on the neckline is excellent to make it slightly less casual than it would be. It’s also available in grey which of course, I bought too!

I can’t wait to give you more information on what’s ahead but until next time, have a lovely weekend

Jen x

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