A Casual Look For A Rainy July Day

Hey Crohnies!

I’m officially back on the blogging horse again so I thought it’s about time for a look that’s pretty great for those typical British Summer days when it is actually quite chilly and overcast. I’m not one for bright colours and normally stick to a very earthy palate of colours when I very occasionally get out of black so this is me branching out a bit and trying to be a bit more colourful when really I’m just pretty gothic in how I dress usually!

So here’s the look…

 Damn the lighting/unmade bed in this picture but this is the only full body picture I have of this look. I’ll need to update with a better one next time I have the outfit on!

 My outfit starts with a wide rimmed hat which I got from Missguided last summer for I think £12, ive hardly wore the hat but it helps stop my wee scalp from burning in the sun. One thing I’ve never quite recovered from since my days on Azathioprine are that I burn ridiculously easy and have to take every precaution even when it looks overcast.

My make up is from my previous blog post Every Day Make Up To Hide My Paleness and I ordered my hair extensions from Amazon, they’re shade 1b natural black (£75 for 3 packs which gives me a very thick head of long curls).

I use the choker necklace (£5 New Look) to hide any slight blending imperfections from my make up and to make the jump from make up skin to non make up skin less noticeable.

  For my top Im wearing a baggy Cami in Khaki (£12 New Look) to hide my bloated belly from having a blockage the last few days behind my stoma… When will I ever learn to chew my food properly? And also to hide if my bag decides to fill up quickly so I don’t look like I have a half swollen tummy! My shirt is from Topshop (£35) and I have had it FOREVER. It’s the only item of clothing I’ve wore through losing and gaining weight and trust me it’s been washed more than anything else and it still looks brand new about 7 years since I got it as a present (thank you to my brother and sissy in law for that!).
 My jeans are extremely high waisted which I love covers my bag and makes me feel more secure when I’m moving about as it isnt dangling in the wind (one thing you’ll notice about me is all my jeans/skirts/shorts are always high waisted since surgery. I love the support and comfort of being held in slightly and they also make people totally unaware of Geoffrey my stoma!). The jeans are from Asos (£35) and they fit perfectly on my 5’8 body. They’re also pretty stretchy so they move with my bag and they hide all my scars/stretch marks and only show off my knees which are pretty scar free and the knee slits are SO on trend this year.

Finally my boots are from Forever21 (£25) in the sale last summer. Never had more supportive boots for my weak ankles than the army boot style, I haven’t twisted my ankle in them yet and they are so sturdy I think I’ll just love them more and more the more beat up they get. There’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of army boots that are molded to your feet!

Hope you like this look, it’s my favourite outfit I’ve had in a while!

Keep your eyes peeled for my wedding guest prep later today. I’ll be prepping my bag to bring my supplies for my stoma and on Friday I have a really great blog post on what to wear to a wedding that is very high fashion and hides a multitude of sins while being very classy and slightly sexy!

Jen x

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