A Little (2 Month) Break

Hey Crohnies,

Sorry I’ve not been around much recently to blog. To be honest, most days I’ve hardly got out my pjs so I’ve not really been looking my best or even wearing anything remotely interesting to blog about. I’ve been struggling with depression a lot the last year or so, not to an extreme extent, just enough to make me withdrawn and not really care about what I’m doing so I’ve been spending a lot of time in my room watching South Park… Not exactly being pro active with my recovery.

Another 2 blips are myself and my brothers health, I need more surgery which I’m still not well enough for and my brother is now on his second round of chemo so things are pretty stressful here on top of having already been feeling down.

I’m now determined that I will be getting myself out of this hole and making positive changes in my life (like starting uni in September, yaaaay) and getting myself fit for this surgery as soon as possible which means not only trying to be more mobile and doing some gentle exercise but also being more mindfully positive too.
I’ll be back to trying to blog at least every other day, If not feel free to tell me to get out my bed and get busy!

Jen x

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