A Casual Look For A Rainy July Day

Hey Crohnies! I’m officially back on the blogging horse again so I thought it’s about time for a look that’s pretty great for those typical British Summer days when it is actually quite chilly and overcast. I’m not one for bright colours and normally stick to a very earthy palate of colours when I very… More A Casual Look For A Rainy July Day

Everyday Make Up To Hide My Paleness

As you all know I’m ridiculously pale, especially with being constantly anaemic! I’m also really struggling to sleep these days, it’s been an issue since my first surgery to get my ileostomy but I, like most of you who are unwell too, we don’t like to show it!  Here’s my typical day to day make… More Everyday Make Up To Hide My Paleness

A Little (2 Month) Break

Hey Crohnies, Sorry I’ve not been around much recently to blog. To be honest, most days I’ve hardly got out my pjs so I’ve not really been looking my best or even wearing anything remotely interesting to blog about. I’ve been struggling with depression a lot the last year or so, not to an extreme… More A Little (2 Month) Break