Your Go To Favourite Outfit! 

Hey Crohnies!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and you’re chilling out before a new one begins.

This week has been pretty trying for me since I’m really starting to notice loss of income due to being on sick leave and getting only enough money to cover my bills every month, never mind have a social life or have the joy of spending money on new clothes and to fund my being off I’ve had to spend basically all my savings and had to get creative while going to see friends this week.

You know that one outfit you’ve had forever? The one that makes you look good even when you feel like poop (basically me every time I go out right now) and you get compliments on? I’ve basically wore mine more than anything else I’ve ever owned apart from my pjs that I feel I’m never out of.

This is mine:

A one shouldered lacy crop top with black bandeau underneath. The top part of my tummy and the top half of my torso is something I’m quite comfortable with showing as it not only is the only place I have no scars, it means I get the chance to show off my tattoo which says “she flys with her own wings” in Latin and is a good conversation starter when people notice it.

Secondly the skirt is a silver/black patterned skater skirt which is the style I absolutely LOVE right now. Seriously, if you have a colostomy/ileostomy/urostomy I can’t recommend these highly enough! They have a fitted waist band shows off your figure and gives a tiny waist, then the flaring of the bottom hides even a pretty full bag successfully!

As I currently have pretty bad anaemia/I live in a very rainy Scotland I am the colour of a ghost and swear by 100 denier tights. They’re not only warm but give really good support for my bag and as the whole bottom half of my body is covered I feel comfortable since its hiding my scars/stretch marks and my baggie!

Here are some action shots:


Hope you have a fab monday!

Jen x

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