I Feel Like a Mermaid! 

Hey Crohnies!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ve been dealing with a few minor blockages, trying to get into my physio for my back and having a mini celebration about my brother being cleared for surgery on his oesophageal cancer (seriously needs a pic of him here, I’m so proud of him!)  


Anyway enough bragging, I thought I’d tell you all about my other new change this week that has me feeling more than a little majestic like a mermaid! I have discovered synthetic one piece extensions (used for cosplay mostly) and have realised that with a lot of tlc these very cheap hair extensions can have you feeling like a mermaid for as little as £20 for a full head (including delivery!).

Now I have VERY thick hair since roughly 3 years ago my hair all fell out due to methotrexate treatment and I was left virtually bald. During that time I discovered the fabulous cosplay wigs such as this beaut from Amazon.co.uk, the MelodySusie® HOT Fashion Glamour Natural Fluffy Long Full Dark Brown Wig Hair Curl Wigs + MelodySusie® Wig Cap + MelodySusie® Wig Comb (£14.99) was my wig of choice and it not only gave me the confidence to leave my house, I also got the long hair I was dying to get! 

  Here’s the little beaut in action back when I had hardly any hair underneath, can hardly tell its a wig, right?

Well since then my hair grew awkwardly and very slowly until I was left with a little ginger bob like this! 

 (Blatant boyfriend selfie, not even gonna attempt to deny he is a total babe!) 

But as usual I felt once again I needed another change and with a seriously failed attempt at dying my hair lilac (NEVER DO THIS WITH HOME BLEACH!!!) I had to dye my hair black to give it a bit of a rest from the harsh chemicals and to stop it being quite so dark I bought 2 sets of Black/Burgundy Ombre Clip in Extensions and thickened the ends up with 2 of the Black One Piece Hair Extensions and viola! One changed (gothic looking) Jen! 😊

Hope this was useful for some of you as having all these options to make yourself look exactly how you like are fantastic, I’ve had a really hard couple of months with fatigue and weakness due to the surgery/sepsis and I finally feel more like my old self! 

Speak soon! 

Jen x 

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