How To Contour To Look Less Ill

Hey Crohnies! Sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve had a lot going on, had to have some staples removed from my stoma (don’t even ask how they got there, we don’t know!) and now dealing with my first flare up since my ileostomy surgery. As you can tell I’m not exactly looking… More How To Contour To Look Less Ill

Your Go To Favourite Outfit! 

Hey Crohnies! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and you’re chilling out before a new one begins. This week has been pretty trying for me since I’m really starting to notice loss of income due to being on sick leave and getting only enough money to cover my bills every month, never mind have… More Your Go To Favourite Outfit! 

I Feel Like a Mermaid! 

Hey Crohnies! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ve been dealing with a few minor blockages, trying to get into my physio for my back and having a mini celebration about my brother being cleared for surgery on his oesophageal cancer (seriously needs a pic of him here, I’m so proud of him!)… More I Feel Like a Mermaid!