Too Many Options! 

Hey Crohnies!

My plan this week was to go shopping for an outfit to wear to my little cousins christening… Should have known, as always, Crohn’s had other ideas! I’m now floored with the cold and can’t stop shivering so I’ve had to raid my wardrobe for some pretty outfits I already have, my only issue now, I can’t decide!

So, here are some of my options…

Option 1

My version of Kourtney Kardashians gorgeous leather skirt and shirt combo. My change would be a burgundy shirt and scrapping the rights for some strappy black heeled sandles.

Option 2


        My split level dress I wore to the Herald Scottish Business Awards in 2013, only had one outing but wearing it with contrasting purple heels and a real clutch would bring it right up to date.

Option 3

  A cream cami and black skort with black strappy heeled sandles. My only issue with this is that it’s a bit too casual for a christening party, more suited to a night out in a club. Due to them both being slightly loose fitting the bag is hidden even when it’s slightly full. I’d team with tights if you were wanting to hide any scars/burns/stretch marks on your legs too. Also HEY KATHLEEN! Haha! 

Option 4

The Front Runner

  My personal favourtie is my peach flapper dress with taupe detailing. I would wear some rather big Bridget Jones pants (Spanx!) to keep Geoffrey the Stoma under control. I love this outfit with some heels heels and a clutch with a matching wrap/pashmina and you’re good to go!

What one do you think I should decide on?

Jen x

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