Braving a Bikini With a Stoma!

Hey Crohnies!

Im almost 4 months in from my surgery to get my Ileostomy now and after seeing so many amazingly inspirational people getting their bellys out I have been totally inspired.

Bethany Townsend was the lady who started it all for me, she is absolutely stunning and was the first person I ever saw wear a bikini at the same time as having an ileostomy!

Her black bikini is timeless and the cut out in the middle of the top gives it an edgy feel. I think she looks so fierce you don’t even notice her bag!

Not only absolutely stunning but a total inspiration!

…. Taking a leaf out of Bethany’s book myself and a few of my friends from #getyourbellyout have decided to do the same!

Me in my first bikini since surgery!

Here’s Molly Ní Cearùil rocking a gorgeous high waisted bikini on holiday!

Here’s Peter Ramsay flying the British flag!

Here’s the gorgeous AJ Mooney getting her belly out on holiday!

Here’s Sahara Fleetwood-Bradford with a figure to die for!

And the stunning Corrine Vanessa Burns getting her belly out in a lovely pink and purple bikini!

Send us your photos of you getting your belly out and donate £3 to #getyourbellyout for Crohns and Colitis UK!

Have a lovely day

Jen x

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