Where Is Spring?

Hey Crohnies!

I don’t know about you but my winter wardrobe is still in full swing and as much as I’m desperate to get my cute girly spring time clothes out, I do love the casualness of my winter clothes which can be mixed and matched for a relaxed casual look which is perfect for a trip to the shops or a coffee with friends.

Here’s my outfit of the day!

 I teamed my dark grey jeggings with a pair of tan army boots, and an oversized cardigan.

A little choker with a cross teamed with my huge tartan scarf gives the outfit a grunge look while still being tidy.

A simple black vest helps the jeggings support my bag even when it’s starting to fill up and the scarf and cardigan both hide the bulge of it til you get to the toilet.

 I’ve found that since my surgery I have rather weak ankles and tend to trip up or hurt my ankle unless I have structured shoes that support them. I’m basically living in my army boots and my hi tops!

Excuse my messy room, I haven’t got the energy to clean it!

Happy weekend!

Jen x

2 thoughts on “Where Is Spring?

    1. It’s so frustrating trying to find a weather suitable outfit just now! I even needed my parka when I went out today! I’m glad you like the outfit! The boots were in the sale in forever 21, think they were £10, such a bargain 🙂

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