Can I be a Ballerina for a Day?

Hey Crohnies!

I don’t know about you but when I was younger I always wanted to be a ballerina, not because I wanted to be a dancer or really flexible, but for the costumes… Safe to say my dreams of tutus and pointe shoes went out the window 8 years ago when I got diagnosed and then went even further afield when I got good old Geoffrey the stoma, until now!

My first addition to my spring wardrobe is a tulle midi skirt (basically a long tutu, a chance to fulfil my ballerina dream at long last!)

They’re light and have so many layers of tulle that they hide the bag very well and are gentle on soft skin due to the silky underskirt and with them being lovely and long, they hide a multitude of things you may feel uncomfortable about such as scars/burns/stretch marks on your legs.

Team with a cami top and strappy chunky heeled sanders for an outfit that is perfect for anything from a day in a beer garden to a club to a family party!

Here’s my top 3 tulle midi skirts you can buy online.

The Louche Bettula Net Midi Skirt from is an absolute steal at £15 in the sale!

The Needle And Thread Net Midi Skirt from, £55 is the skirt to team with nude heels and clutch with an irridecent silver top on sunny days.

The Tulle Skirt Tea length Tutu Skirt Elastic Waist tulle tutu Princess Skirt Wedding Skirt in Nude Color- NC455 from, £82.43 is the most expensive of our 3 skirts however it is beautifully finished and the skirt is a showstopper at any occasion!

Hope you all have a lovely day

Jen x

2 thoughts on “Can I be a Ballerina for a Day?

    1. I’m the same way! Mine for tonight is teal, trying to go greenish since its a St Patrick’s day party but that’s the closest I found. I saw the tulle you bought, they’re such gorgeous colours! I think a pink tulle midi will be my next purchase haha

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