Stoma? What stoma? 

Hey Crohnies!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and not about to be traipsing around Asda like I will be in about 10 minutes!

Today is the first day I feel like I’ve no longer got the puffed up tummy (thanks prednisolone!) and thanks to my new convex bags for Geoffrey I finally feel comfortable enough to wear an outfit that is very fitted… Let’s see if this test drive goes to plan, if not I’ll be sure to let you all know.

I’m wearing a pair of high waisted jeggins from New Look that were roughly £18, a primark vest top £2.50 (CHEAP AS CHIPS!), Nike trainers I got in the sale for £30, a hoodie from h&m that was around £12 and finally my huge tartan scarf from primark £5!

 One thing I’m very surprised about is not only am I very supported with the jeggings and vest top which is supporting the bag, you also can’t see it at all even if I stand side on!

I never thought 14 weeks ago that I’d be able to wear fitted clothes but it actually is a confidence boost to look like before, minus a few stone!

Jen x

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