Post Surgery Casual Wear

Hi Crohnies!

As most of you will know I’m only 14 weeks post surgery to remove my large intestines and have an ileostomy (most will recognise the word colostomy but it’s a similar idea meaning I have a bag I poop into instead of doing my business normally) so I’ve not had much chance to be fashionable when my main concern is comfort… That is until very recently when I discovered these:

 The AMELIA ZIP FRONT PULL ON TREGGINGS £12.00 have been life savers! Not only are they high waisted which is perfect for supporting my ileostomy, they also are a thick material which means when the bag is empty or partially filled you can’t even see it and no one is any the wiser.

I teamed these treggings with the grey MADISON ZIP FRONT CAMI also from £10.00. The top is lightweight and baggy which helps greatly if your bag is pretty full as it disguises the bulge until you get to the toilet!

I found the outfit covered and did not irritate my new scars and both are very soft on my irritated and dry skin.

Wear with a hoodie and trainers for a dressed down look or add a cropped sleeve blazer and ballet flats for a city chic look perfect for shopping/lunch/meeting friends.

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