My Ileostomy Survival Kit

Hello again Crohnies!

I’m fairly new to having a stoma (14 weeks today!) and once I got out of the hospital I had a moment of dread while contemplating leaving the house again. I realised I was terrified to leave the house without having my stoma bags and all sorts of other things I needed during a change with me while I go out… Then while on the #getyourbellyout Facebook group I noticed lots of other people with a stoma had an emergency kit they kept with them that was smaller than the original bag given by the hospital and contained the bare essentials of what I needed to get myself out of a sticky (smelly) situation!

Above is what I’ve compiled as my emergency bag change kit which includes:

  • 2x Dog poop bags (so cheap!)
  • 3x Coloplast one piece ileostomy bags
  • 1x ileostomy bag template (stops the stress of a measurement on the go)
  • 1x Dansac adhesive remover spray
  • 1x curved scissors (you could always improvise with nail scissors)
  • 1x pen to draw the template size on the flange (HAHA!) of the bags
  • 2x kirby grips (handy not only for holding up a top, but also for getting hair out your face in a stressful situation!)
  • 10x baby wipes in a zip lock bag (not shown)
  • Handbag size pack of tissues (not shown)

All of the above fits in a very small make up bag which fits comfortably in my handbag alongside my Crohn’s and UC Survival Pack!

Hope some of you find this useful!

Jen x

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