I’m Back… Well 95% of me is! 

Hey Crohnies!

I’ve had a rather huge hiatus (shocking I know) but a lot has happened at CrohnieClothing HQ! I finally graduated college, got my HND, have been accepted to uni, got surgery to remove my large intestines, a permenant ileostomy, an abscess and abdominal sepsis… Plus let’s not forget more than a month in hospital for 2 surgeries and more hospital visits than I can count.

Now what does that mean for CrohnieClothing?

It means I can now practice what I preach and give more practical advice when it comes to clothes that hide not only my shiny new stoma (I’ve named Geoffrey) I can also help with my new scars and being prepared for any situation with some emergency kits (much like I’ve done before with The Crohn’s and UC Survival Pack) while also answering any questions you may have when you get in touch!

I’ll be sure to post much more often, plus it’ll be a lot easier now I’m no longer in hospital!

All the best Crohnies!

Jen x

Here’s my obligatory hospital photo… They’re a thing now!

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