My Kopy of a Kourtney Kardashian Look! 

Hey Crohnies! As you all know I’ve been posting a lot about my little cousins christening. The day’s now been and gone and I have to say it was a fantastic day for everyone! I didn’t get to the shops to buy a new outfit so I brought out an old favourite I spoke about… More My Kopy of a Kourtney Kardashian Look! 

Too Many Options! 

Hey Crohnies! My plan this week was to go shopping for an outfit to wear to my little cousins christening… Should have known, as always, Crohn’s had other ideas! I’m now floored with the cold and can’t stop shivering so I’ve had to raid my wardrobe for some pretty outfits I already have, my only… More Too Many Options! 

An Outfit for a Special Day

Hey Crohnies!  I’m having a slight freak out. Next Saturday my baby cousin Sophia Lilly will be getting christened and I hate to admit it but I’m really nervous about the whole clothing situation. This will be my first formal event since surgery and normally to something church based I’d tend to wear more light… More An Outfit for a Special Day

Braving a Bikini With a Stoma!

Hey Crohnies! Im almost 4 months in from my surgery to get my Ileostomy now and after seeing so many amazingly inspirational people getting their bellys out I have been totally inspired.  Bethany Townsend was the lady who started it all for me, she is absolutely stunning and was the first person I ever… More Braving a Bikini With a Stoma!

Getting My Belly Out! 

Wow… What a day! I couldn’t sleep last night and decided to do a post on Reddit about being 3 months post surgery and I ended up on the front page with over 12,000 people visiting CrohnieClothing today alone!  Since I’m now 15 weeks post surgery I thought it would be a good time to… More Getting My Belly Out! 

Can I be a Ballerina for a Day?

Hey Crohnies! I don’t know about you but when I was younger I always wanted to be a ballerina, not because I wanted to be a dancer or really flexible, but for the costumes… Safe to say my dreams of tutus and pointe shoes went out the window 8 years ago when I got diagnosed… More Can I be a Ballerina for a Day?

Stoma? What stoma? 

Hey Crohnies! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and not about to be traipsing around Asda like I will be in about 10 minutes! Today is the first day I feel like I’ve no longer got the puffed up tummy (thanks prednisolone!) and thanks to my new convex bags for Geoffrey I finally feel comfortable… More Stoma? What stoma? 

Post Surgery Casual Wear

Hi Crohnies! As most of you will know I’m only 14 weeks post surgery to remove my large intestines and have an ileostomy (most will recognise the word colostomy but it’s a similar idea meaning I have a bag I poop into instead of doing my business normally) so I’ve not had much chance to… More Post Surgery Casual Wear