The Fox Says WOW!

The Fox Says WOW!

Here at CrohnieClothingHQ we’re daft for the Ylvis song What Does The Fox Say, so to show our love we thought why not buy ALL the fox related goodies and this is my pick of the bunch! The Asos A Wear Fox Print Jumper (£38.00) is a very soft wool blend, so no worries about the dreaded itchy jumper and is in a gorgeous shade of grey with the sleeves and the rusty coloured fox so you’ll be comfortable and sure to stand out! It has a high neckline to hide any chest scars/burns and looks gorgeous layered with a red tartan skirt, some opaque tights and your killer winter boots! The jumper is also quite fitted but if youd rather it to be able to layer or to hide any lumps and bumps, buy it a size up, it’s available up to size 16!

Click the photo to have a look at the jumper on the Asos website!



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